Career Fair held at PES

Event aims to boost students’ career interest – 

By Patricia Beech – 

Students got to explore what they “want to be when they grow up” during a Career Fair held at Peebles Elementary on Friday, May 11.
PES Principal Amanda Lamb said the school invited professionals from local businesses, colleges, and other institutions to share information about their careers with the students, a group that included The People’s Defender.
“We’re very excited about this event,” Lamb said. “It’s a valuable opportunity for our third through sixth grade students to begin thinking about their futures.”
According to Lamb, the students were required to visit at least three of the professional booths, ask meaningful questions, and write reflections on their career choices and how the fair helped them with their choices.

Mike Parker and Crystal Jones from the Adams County Probation Department were presenters at the May 11 Career Day at the Peebles Elementary School.

“The end goal is to provide information to students that they might not otherwise have access to,” she said. “We wanted to share some of our local options and college options with students to get them thinking about what their future holds and what their interest are before they get to high school.”
Students attending the event walked in small groups from booth to booth where they asked guided questions, such as what participants like about their jobs, why they chose their careers, and what education or training is required.
Fifth grader Abby Bohannan said she hoped to learn about careers that matched her interests.
“I like trying new things,” she said,. “Trying new foods, going to different countries, and learning more about other cultures – that’s the kind of job I want.”
The idea is for students to make connections between school and work, and between character and work.
Overall, several hundred students had the opportunity to hear from people who might create a spark of interest in a particular career, Lamb said, adding that the goal is to encourage kids to pursue their interest, dreams, and goals.