Hayes sentenced


Joshua Hayes, the former Manchester police officer convicted last week on 45 counts of improperly and illegally using law  enforcement databases to collect information on individuals for his own personal use, will serve 180 days in the Adams County Jail.  Additionally, he is required to complete 180 hours of community  service and pay $5,000 in fines.

Any violation of his community-controlled incarceration will result in a six-year prison term.

Judge Brett Spencer warned Hayes, saying he has demonstrated “an utter disdain for authority”.  “You don’t deserve to go home today,” said Spencer. “You’ve shown no  remorse for your crimes – neither genuine or any other kind, but  you’re being given an opportunity to show humility, as I have imposed  a burden on this county to oversee your incarceration, and you will  have to find it within yourself to be respectful to those for whom you have no respect.”