Farm-n-Charm Festival to be held at Mound View Farm

Ripley musician Harry Pedigo will be part of the musical entertainment at the second annual Farn-n-Charm Festival on Aug. 11 at Mound View Farm in Peebles. (Provided photo)

Family-oriented festival will focus on healthy life choices – 

By Patricia Beech – 

Want to spend a family-fun day on an all-natural, organic farm?
The second annual Farm-n-Charm Festival promoting healthy lifestyle choices will be held Saturday, Aug.11 at Mound View Farm, 203 Hedrick Road, Peebles from 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.
The one-day festival is sponsored by GroundWorks, a nonprofit organization committed to promoting healthy eating and sustainability in agriculture. Admission is free.
Mound View owners, Steve and Amy Hedrick, say their motive for hosting the festival was two-fold.
“We really enjoy educating children about what we’re doing here at the farm,” says Amy. “We want to promote healthy living and encourage others to pay attention to what they’re eating.”
“We also want to bring money back into this county,” says Steve. “Money goes out of the county to malls and other businesses and we’d like to see some of it come back.”
The Hedricks says they’re expecting around 200 people for the day-long event which has been widely promoted through WXIX Channel 19 in Cincinnati.
The festival will feature 15 local vendors of organic homemade foods and handmade crafts. A Farm-to-Picnic lunch will be available for purchase.
“We figured some people will come early and some will come late, but the vendors are going to need something to eat and we didn’t want your typical food truck items being served because the whole idea is to promote healthy eating habits,” Amy said.
Mound View Farm’s organic beef and pork will also be available for purchase.
Activities for the day include a farm animal petting zoo, hayrides, and a nature walk.
Various musicians and singers will perform throughout the day and there will be several demonstrations held including: extracting honey from a beehive; learning how solar panels work; and the Hedricks will explain what an organic farm is and why they have chosen to be organic farmers.
“The whole idea is to educate people about the importance of being aware of what they’re eating,” says Amy.
All Festival proceeds go to GroundWorks.
For more information, check out the Farm-n-Charm page on Facebook.