The nearer your destination, the more you’re slip slidin’ away

West Union High School- 2018 Barnyard Olympics Champion (Photo by Mark Carpenter)

West Union captures the muddy Barnyard Olympics crown for 2018 – 

By Mark Carpenter – 

The sixth encore of the Barnyard Olympics returned to the Adams County Fair on Saturday, July 14 in a spirited, but friendly competition between teams of 10 athletes from each of the county’s four high schools. A warm and muggy night made way for a wet and muddy center ring, where the competitors went “mudding” after the first prize of $1,000 was claimed by the squad from West Union High School.

With the hard work of Darlene Anderson and McKayla Smith in planning the event, C103’s Don Bowles on the microphone, and the official “officials” team of Bruce Watson and Phil Rhonemus, the four teams first squared off in an event deemed the ”Tobacco Rail Walk”, where four members of each team had to balance themselves across two tobacco rails while reaching down to collect three eggs apiece, until the team had a full carton. West Union got off to a good start by winning the first event, with Manchester second, North Adams third, and defending champion Peebles fourth.

Peebles High School- 2018 Barnyard Olympics Runner-Up

The two members of each team had no clue what awaited them in the “Manure Pits”. Each team had a tire filled with manure courtesy of the fair’s 4-H animals, and after one member was blindfolded, and spun around in a circle five times for good measure, they then dug into the manure looking for a hidden squeaky toy. Once the found the toy, they had to stand up on the tire and display their prize. Peebles came out on top with North Adams second, West Union third, and Manchester fourth.

Next up was the night’s most “controversial” (in a friendly way) competition, the “Wheelbarrow Race”, which as as result of some malfunctioning wheelbarrows, led to a two-legged sack race to determine the winner, which turned out to be Manchester, followed by West Union, Peebles, and North Adams.

Manchester High School- 2018 Barnyard Olympics Third Place (Photo by Mark Carpenter

Up next the coaches of each team took center stage in “The Milk Man”, where the coaches sat on a hay bale, dressed in overalls, gloves, and hat, with an empty milk carton on their heads. Each of the 10 team members then carried a cup of chocolate milk across the ring to the coach and poured it into the empty carton. The first team to fill the carton was declared the winner and that was West Union and coach J.R. Kirker, with Manchester second, North Adams third, and Peebles fourth.

To cap off the night and determine the final winner, the organizers took advantage of a mud pit that had been formed earlier in the evening. In a very “dirty” relay race, members of each team had to sit on a large bouncy ball, and bounce on it from one end of the pit to the other. After a lot of splashing and mud tossing, Peebles took first place, North Adams second, West Union third and Manchester fourth, but no one seemed to care about the finish as long as they got to take a good long slide in the mud and increase the sales of Tide in the county by leaps and bounds.

With the final event in the books, the total scores were tabulated, and West Union took home the first prize of $1,000 for their school’s athletic department. Cash prizes also were rewarded to Peebles for second place overall, Manchester for third, and North Adams for fourth.

North Adams High School- 2018 Barnyard Olympics Fourth Place (Photo by Mark Carpenter)

The members of the winning team from West Union included: Kiersten Rowe, Harley Silvia, Jaycee Baldwin, Alex Clark, Heidi Hunter, Conner Campbell, Bowan Tomlin, Tanner Neal, Clayton Madden, and Ryan Rothwell. The Dragons were coached by Kirker and Austin Kingsolver.

Second place Peebles fielded an Olympic team that included: Rylee Hampton, Jerilin Toller, Anna Kremin, Breauna Shoemaker, Tori Smith, Logan Jackson, Zach Drummond, Tommy Stout, Hunter White, and Sam Schmitz. The Indians were coached by John Robinson.

Third place Manchester included: Josie Campbell, Jacob Calvert, McKenzie Smith, Shaun Gould, Wesley Jones, Kylie Abbott, Darrington White, Brady Flack, Dylan Colvin, and Avery Reed. The Greyhounds were coached by Ethan Stricklett.

Finally, the North Adams squad, coached by Katie Ragan, included: Austin McCormick, Jayden Hesler, Abbi Stacy, Emma Geeslin, Christin Young, Colton Hesler, Laney Hesler, Andrew brand, Seth Vogel, and Wylie Shipley.