Cheers! It’s Mocktail Hour at the Fair

By Patricia Beech

People’s Defender

Competition was the order of the day on Tuesday, July 10 at the Adams County Fair’s annual “Mocktail” event hosted by the local Safe Communities Coalition in the new ring-side First State Bank shelter house.

For those who don’t drink, a non-alcoholic beverage made with savory flavors and thirst-quenching goodness is a perfect drink for sipping on a hot summer day, or an interesting culinary option to serve with daily meals, or a complex mixture that closely resembles the “hard stuff” without the negative side effects.

Employees from General Electric; Women Helping Women; the Adams County Regional Medical Center ; the Counseling Center; Venture Productions, and the Senior Citizens Council all upped their mixology game to produce a selection of tasty, non-alcoholic drinks for the yearly competition.

According to Adams County Safe Communities Coordinator, Debbie Ryan, the Mocktail event has “become the competition of the year for these folks”.

“They’ve all developed their own recipes,” she said Tuesday as fair-goers tasted and voted for their favorites. “They’ll be judged on their drinks, their booth set-up, and their costumes, which must all reflect the fair’s Country Days and Carnival Nights theme.”

Two anonymous judges were also appointed to choose winners in the Best Overall Theme category.

“We have two unbiased folks that come through,” said Ryan. “The people competing won’t know when they’ll be here so they have to be on their ‘A’ game the whole time.”

And they were.

Mocktail visitors were greeted enthusiastically by costumed competitors who encouraged them to cast a vote in their favor.

Their choices included: a sweet “Country Apple Carnival” mocktail created by Davina Cooper and the Women Helping Women staff; a “Vanishing Cotton Candy Mocktail offered by the Senior Citizens Council; the Bearded Lady Mocktail concocted by Venture Production employees; the “Midway Country Blue” from Adams County Regional Medical Center; the Counseling Center’s “Caramel Apple Dream”; and “The Fish Bowl” mocktail (and game) compliments of the GE Peebles Test Facility.

After all the votes were tallied the Adams County Regional Medical Center came out on top winning the “Toast of Adams County” award for their “Midway Country Blue” mocktail. The GE Test Facility captured the “Best Overall Theme” award for their mocktail, “The Fish Bowl”.

Ryan said the Mocktail event is made possible by a traffic safety grant that funds the Safe Communities “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign.

“One of our four primary messages is ‘don’t drink and drive’,” she said. “We do this Mocktail to promote recipes for punch and other drinks people can use in place of alcoholic beverages when they’re at parties or other events, and especially if they’re planning on driving.”

The Adams County Regional Medical Center and their “Midway County Blue” mocktail was the voter’s choice winner in the fair’s “Mocktail” event. (Photo by Patricia Beech) Adams County Regional Medical Center and their “Midway County Blue” mocktail was the voter’s choice winner in the fair’s “Mocktail” event. (Photo by Patricia Beech)
Safe Communities features non-alcoholic thirst quenchers to promote safe driving