Local Shelter helps animals beat the heat

The sweltering “dog days of summer” are upon us. The Humane Society of Adams County shelter staff and volunteers are doing everything they can to help keep the homeless dogs and cats at the local animal shelter comfortable in the heat.
A recent call went out to shelter supporters to acquire plastic kiddie pools for the dogs. Six pools were donated, two for each shelter play yard. The dogs and puppies are greatly enjoying their “pool time”.
The Humane Society of Adams County would like to remind fellow community members to be vigilant of pets and livestock during the hot weather. Overheating can quickly kill animals, many of which cannot sweat to cool off like humans.
A properly constructed doghouse or livestock shelter serves best. Always provide plenty of cool, clean water for your animal. Never leave an animal alone in a vehicle. Even with the windows open, a parked car, truck, van or livestock trailer can quickly become a furnace. Parking in shade offers little protection, because the sun shifts during the day.
Exercise animals in the cool of the early morning or evening. If you tether animals outside, always provide plenty of shade and water.
Dogs with pushed-in noses, such as bulldogs, Pekingese, Boston terriers, Lhasa Apsos and Shih Tzus, should be kept indoors in air-conditioning as much as possible. Be alert for coolant leaking from your vehicle. Animals are attracted to the sweet taste of coolant and ingesting just a small amount can cause an animal’s death. Consider using animal-friendly products that use propylene glycol rather than those containing ethylene glycol.
Due to the Independence Day holiday, firework displays will soon be filling the night air with both beautiful blooms of lights and wicked cracks of sound. The sound of fireworks is terrifying to many pets. More pets go missing during the month of July than at any other time of year. Be sure to attach a current license and identification tag on your dog or cat and consider tattooing or micro-chipping as a means of permanent identification.
For more information about the Humane Society of Adams County, please call (937) 544-8585 or send an email to info@adamscountyanimals.org.