Shot in head, left for dead-’Remmy’ has new home

Brutally shot in the head and left to die, “Remmy”, center, now has a new home and some new friends. (Provided photo)

An Ohio dog will be sleeping in a new home after recovering from being shot in the head and left for dead along a rural road.
On Tuesday, March 27, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office and the Humane Society of Adams County responded to a call from a citizen about an adult male yellow Labrador retriever lying beside a road that could not walk. Adams County’s Humane Officer, Josh Davis, transported the dog to Dr. Jenny Cowdrey at the Brown County Vet Clinic in Russellville, where Dr. Cowdrey discovered that the animal had been shot at close range.
The bullet appeared to have entered the top of the dog’s skull and traveled through the brain cavity. An X-ray revealed a .45 caliber bullet lodged in the dog’s lower jaw.
Normally, any dog picked up as a stray would be transported to the Adams County Dog and Kennel Department and cared for by Dog Warden Donnie Swayne. In this situation, however, the county facility was unequipped to handle the care the dog would need. After the initial exam, the dog was therefore transferred to the universal animal shelter in West Union operated by the non-profit Humane Society of Adams County.
The gentle lab, named “Remmy” by shelter staff, (which is short for “Remington”), had a long road to recovery. In his nearly three months of convalescence, Remmy required multiple follow-up vet visits, surgery to remove the bullet in his jaw, hand-feeding, and constant monitoring to ensure that the head wound did not lead to further complications. He was also vaccinated, neutered, dewormed, and underwent daily physical therapy to help him regain his ability to walk normally.
Due to the severity of Remmy’s injury and recovery expenses, a fund was set up to collect donations toward his care. The fund generated over $4,000, which ensured all treatments were funded without loss to the non-profit animal shelter’s small budget. In addition to monetary donations, individuals touched by Remmy’s story brought in toys, treats, and even non-skid mats for his kennel. The mats allowed Remmy to move safely while his body regained coordination after his traumatic head injury.
Once Shelter Director Samara Ackers was assured by Remmy’s veterinarian that he was expected to make a full recovery, the animal shelter began accepting applications from individuals and families interested in adopting the sweet lab.  Over 20 applications were submitted.
In order to ensure the best home for Remmy, and per the animal shelter’s normal animal adoption process, each application was given a thorough review and references were checked for the final candidates. Though applications were submitted from as far away as Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and New York, the successful family lives right here in Ohio. The adoption was finalized and Ackers made arrangements for the family to pick Remmy up on Wednesday, June 20.
According to Ackers, one of the  highlights of her career with the shelter was seeing Remmy’s thankful reaction to his new family coming to get him.
Remmy now lives with a family consisting of a husband, wife, and two children ages, nine and 12. Remmy, who loves other dogs almost as much as he loves people, also has two new canine sisters, both black Labrador Retrievers, against whom he already curls up to sleep.
The individual who allegedly shot Remmy has been identified and the case is currently making its way through the Adams County Court system.
For more information about the Humane Society of Adams County, please call (937) 544-8585 or email