SHAC honors Spring Sports athletes in May 21 ceremonies at Peebles

Pictured above is the 2018 All-SHAC Girls Track Team. Front row, from left, Lexington Shiveley (Peebles), Jacey Justice (Peebles), Kierra Stone (Peebles), Lilly Gray (Peebles), Alisan Behr (Peebles), Jenny Seas (Peebles), and Blake Adams (Fairfield); Middle row, from left, Madison Hopkins (E. Brown), Cassidy Staggs (E. Brown), Emma Brown (E. Brown), Caitlyn Wills (E. Brown), Teodessia Peters (E. Brown), Emily Fannin (E. Brown), and Mikayla Farris (E. Brown); Back row, from left, Anna Shupert (W. Union), Alexis Mason (W. Union), Shaina Trotter (W, Union), and Molly Fuller (W. Union


By Mark Carpenter – 

Peebles High School on May 21 was the site of the 2018 Southern Hills Athletic Conference Spring Sports Awards, a night for the cream of the crop in the sports of baseball, softball, and track and field are recognized for their championship accomplishments. SHAC Commissioner Michelle Gleim was the master of ceremonies for the awards, with assistance from Peebles Athletic Director Josh Arey and Eastern Brown Athletic Director Jerod Jodrey.
In track and field, the champions of each event of the SHAC Meet, which was held at Manchester this year, are honored as All-Conference athletes. Also, the one individual who earns the most points for his/her team at the conference meet is named as the Track Athlete of the Year. For 2018, those honorees were Eastern Brown’s Madison Hopkins and North Adams’s Dylan Ison.

Pictured above is the 2018 All-SHAC Boys Track Team. Front row, from left, Andrew Davis (Fairfield), Tristan Victor (Fairfield), Bryce Posey (Fairfield), Wyatt Fent (Fairfield), Matthew Mangus (Fairfield), and Bennett Hodson (Fairfield); Middle row, from left, Dylan Ison (N. Adams), Garrett Spargur (Fairfield), Brandon Vidourek (Fairfield), Nick Price (Fairfield), Nate Buchanan (Fairfield), and Brandtson Duffie (Fairfield); Back row, from left, Shane Elliott (Whiteoak), Matt Seas (Peebles), Kalub Smith (Peebles), and Conner Campbell (W. Union).

In Boys Track, the SHAC championship trophy went to Fairfield, with Whiteoak second, and Fairfield’s Deborah Mangus being chosen as Coach of the Year. In Girls Track, Eastern Brown captured the first place hardware, with Peebles coming in second, and Eastern’s Tom Glasscock being chosen as Coach of the Year.

Pictured above is the 2018 All-SHAC Softball Team. Front row, from left, Olivia Anderson (N. Adams), Lauren Arnold (Fairfield), Whitney Broughton (E. Brown), Josie Campbell (Manchester), Taylor Dotson (E. Brown), and Andrea Edmisten (E. Brown); Middle row, from left, Courtney Gross (Whiteoak), Savannah Holbrook (W. Union), Abby Lewis (Ripley), Brooke Kennedy (Manchester), Allison Malott (E. Brown), and Hailey Moore (Peebles); Back row, from left, Hannah Morgan (Lynchburg), Madison Pierce (Peebles), Kylie Sims (Peebles), Lyndee Spargur (Fairfield), and Kaiti White (Fairfield). Absent from the photo were Paige and Zoe Vilvens (Fayetteville).

In softball, the Eastern Brown Lady Warriors took home the coveted Gold Glove trophy for going undefeated in conference play at 13-0, winning the big school division of the SHAC, with Lynchburg-Clay a very distant second at 6-7. The small school division was very competitive, with three teams ending in a first-place tie with identical 10-3 conference marks- the Fairfield Lady Lions, the Fayetteville Lady Rockets, and the Peebles Lady Indians, all three being awarded first place trophies. Eastern Brown’s Harold Dorsey was named the SHAC Softball Coach of the Year, with Peebles pitcher Madison Pierce being honored as the SHAC Softball Player of the Year.

Pictured above is the 2018 All-SHAC Baseball Team. Front row, from left, Evan Deisch (Fayetteville), Blake Croy (Lynchburg), Brandan Cornell (W. Union), Chase Carraher (Whiteoak), Sam Buddelmeyer (Fairfield), and Evan Brill (Whiteoak); Middle row, from left, Kyle Reaves (Manchester), Stephen Penn (Peebles), Bryant Lung (N. Adams), Traeten Hamilton (Whiteoak), Cody Gragg (Fairfield), and Jared Fenton (W. Union); Third row, from left, Josh Wolfe (Lynchburg), Ian WIles (E. Brown), Caleb West (Peebles), Zak Smyth (Fayetteville), Hunter Ruckel (E. Brown), and Ryan Rothwell (W. Union); Back row, Elijah Young (N. Adams).

Another Gold Glove for baseball was awarded to the Whiteoak Wildcats, whose 13-0 SHAC record helped propel them to a Division IV regional championship and a berth in the state’s Final Four. Whiteoak took the SHAC small school title with Fairfield second at 10-3. The big school championship trophy went to the West Union Dragons, whose 11-2 conference record gave them their first conference title since 1989. The North Adams Green Devils took second place in the big school division, coming alive late in the season to post a 10-3 mark in the SHAC.
Whiteoak’s Chris Veidt was named the SHAC Baseball Coach of the Year, while the Wildcat’s Evan Brill was picked as the SHAC Baseball Player of the Year.

Pictured above are the Spring Sports Players and Coaches of the Year in the Southern Hills Athletic Conference. Front row, from left, Madison Pierce (Peebles, Softball POY), Evan Brill (Whiteoak, Baseball POY), Dylan Ison (N. Adams, Boys Track Athlete of the Year), Madison Hopkins (E. Brown, Girls Track Athlete of the Year); Back row, from left, Deborah Mangus (Fairfield, Boys Track COY), Chris Veidt (Whiteoak, Baseball COY), and Harold Dorsey (E. Brown, Softball COY). Absent from the photo was Tom Glasscock (E. Brown, Girls Track COY).