‘Oldies but Goldies’ coming to MHS for May 25 Alumni Game

By Mark Carpenter – 

Anyone feeling nostalgic in Manchester these days? Anyone longing for a little of the basketball glory of bygone times? If you fall under either of these categories, then you will want to be at Manchester High School on Friday, May 25 as the MHS Athletic Boosters will be hosting their first-ever Greyhound Alumni Basketball Game. As part of a full weekend of Alumni activities, the Alumni Basketball game is sure to bring back memories to anyone in attendance of some of Manchester’s finest hoops starts from the past will gather for a night of spirited, but fun competition.
“The Hounds Come Home” kicks off at 6 :30 p.m. with the MHS High School Band, joined by some Alumni members performs the MHS Fight Song, then the National Anthem. Then the action begins with the “Faded Blue Men’s Team battling the Men’s Gray Team”, followed by a performance by the Manchester Cheer Squad. Since it has been a “few” years since some of these athletes have worn the blue and gold, a running clock will be used in all of the contests, just to keep the Manchester EMS from being too busy.
Next up will be the “Ladies Blue Team vs. the Ladies Grey Team”, then what should be a resounding Thee-Point and Slam Dunk Competitions, followed by the final hoops action of the evening, “Men’s Blue Team vs. Men’s Grey Team.” There will be a Split the Pot drawing and concessions provided by the MHS Athletic Boosters. Admission is $4 with all of the proceeds going to the Karen K. Ballengee Foundation to provide scholarships to deserving MHS students.
One of the highlights of the evening for long-time Greyhound fans will be the return of Coach Fred Edgington to the sidelines. Edgington will head up the Men’s “Grey” Team with a roster of ex-Hounds that will include Travis Combs, Sean Frost, Tyler Brummett, Dalton West, Dawson Little, Timothy Cooper, Bryan Young, Jordan Johnson, and Rickey DeAtley. Edgington’s squad will be opposed by Coach Jeff Stricklett’s “Blue” Team, consisting of Blake Blevins, Dylan Ricketts, Jarred Quinlan, McKenzie Smith, Colton Thornburg, Timmy Jones, Jase Thatcher, Austin Smith, and Austin Redmon.

The Ladies “Blue” team will be coached by Roy Cooper and his roster includes ex-Lady Hounds Hayley Rideout, Summer Wilbur, Ashley Palmer, Callie Welch, Megan Bivens, Chelsey Tomlin, Jacinda Lee, and Morgan Johnson. The Ladies “Grey” team will be led by Coach Vic Bowman and will include Katie Little, Tabitha Spires, Victoria Chaney, Sara Blythe, Danielle DeAtley, Taylor Himes, Jennifer Himes, Amanda Cracraft Myers, and Hannah Wheeler.
It may not be like barking orders to his Navy counterparts, but Coach Jim Sandlin will attempt to lead the Men’s “Faded Blue” Team to victory and under Sandlin’s command will be the likes of Kyle Roehling, “Leaping” Lonnie Bilyeu, Will Lovejoy, Doug Henderson, Roy Cooper, and Adam Poole.
Matching up against Sandlin’s troops will be a group of “veterans” on the Men’s Gray” team, coached by Mr. Dean Collins. Collins will send out a group of MHS hardwood heroes that will include Brandon Phelps, Tim Scott, Greg Scott, Todd Roe, Jerry Creamer, Cole Lovejoy, and Darrell Redmon.
What would three basketball games be without cheerleaders? Some of the Hound’s finest cheer members of the past will be on hand, including some who will pull double duty as players and cheerleaders. Cheer Coach Lynn Stricklett will head up one squad that will consist of Xena Crummie, Lauren Shivener, Miranda Schiltz, Whitney Lovejoy, Hannah Grimes, Cassie Campbell, McKayla Smith, Summer Wilbur, Megan Bivens, Callie Welch, Morgan Johnson, Tera Himes, Shyanne Tucker, and Kayleigh Robinson.
The other cheer squad will consist of Tabitha Spires, Victoria Chaney, Stephanie Hobbs, Stacey Walker, Laramie Taylor, Tiffany Ricketts, Britny Grooms, Brianna Beasley, Emily Young, Sierra Farley, Haley Davis, Katelyn Johnson, and Jalyn Redmon.
Doors open for the festivities at 6 p.m.