Greyhounds, Lady Indians rule at County Junior High Meet

Manchester eighth grader Ryland Wikoff glides through the air as he competes in the Long Jump event at Monday’s junior high meet. Wikoff placed third in the event with a best jump of 15’7”.

Manchester hosts county’s junior high track competition – 

By Mark Carpenter – 

The track at Manchester High School was the site for the Adams County Junior High Track Meet, pitting male and female athletes from the four county schools in competition for a year’s worth of bragging rights. The meet took place on a beautiful, warm April 30 afternoon, the first meet hosted by MHS for a number of seasons.
After the fans basked in the sunshine and the final event was in the books, it was the boys’ squad from Manchester and the girls from Peebles who claimed those bragging rights, capturing the top spots in the final team standings, the Greyhounds getting past second place West Union and Peebles and the Lady Indians slipping by runner-up North Adams.
There were five athletes who were multiple winners on the day- Sierra Kendall of North Adams, Katie Smith of Manchester, Katy Seas and Bransyn Hopkins of Peebles, and Eli Ramey of West Union.
The meet’s scoring system awarded points to the top five finishers in each event on a 6,4,3,2,1, scale. the following is a list of the top five point earners in each of the day’s events.
Girls Shot Put: 1. Avery Storer (PJH), 2. Celina Nicholas (WUJH), 3. Lizzie Gill (NAJH), 4. Eshell Gould (MJH), 5. Abby Hubbard (NAJH)
Boys Shot Put: 1. Luke Hayslip (MJH), 2. Adam Frye (WUJH), 3. Lucas Ballinger (MJH), 4. Evan Trotter (WUJH), 5. Michael Hudgel (PJH)

West Union’s Alexa Rowe attempts to clear the bar in the Girls High Jump event at Monday’s Adams County Junior High Meet. Rowe placed fifth in the competition.

Boys Discus: 1. Caleb Wortman (MJH), 2. Evan Edmisten (WUJH), 3. Michael Armbruster (NAJH), 4. Lucas Ballinger (MJH), 5. Michael Hudgel (PJH)
Girls Discus: 1. Lizzie Gill (NAJH), 2. Tori Whitley (PJH), 3. Kileigh Mitchell (MJH), 4. Eshell Gould (MJH), 5. Alexa Rowe (WUJH)
Girls Long Jump: 1. Sierra Kendall (NAJH), 2. Sophia Paul (MJH), 3. Alana White (NAJH), 4. Lauren Grooms (WUJH), 5. Emmi Nichols (PJH)

North Adams’ Sierra Kendall, center, leads the pack across the finish line, winning the Girls 100 Meter Dash event at the Adams County Junior High Meet on Monday afternoon.

Boys Long Jump: 1. Chris Schulz (WUJH), 2. Jacob Campbell (NAJH), 3. Ryland Wikoff (MJH), 4. Dallas Wilkinson (PJH), 5. Dalton McDonald (MJH)
Girls High Jump: 1. Sophia Paul (MJH), 2. Hannah Hobbs (MJH), 3. Kendal Sullivan (NAJH), 4. Alana White (NAJH), 5. Alexa Rowe (WUJH) and Jaiana White (WUJH)
Boys High Jump: 1. Jacob Campbell (NAJH), 2. Ryland Wikoff (MJH), 3. Makeal Fraley (PJH), 4. Denton White (MJH), 5. Evan DiBiaso (WUJH)
Girls 100M Hurdles: 1. Katie Smith (MJH), 2. Alana White (NAJH), 3. Lydia Phipps (PJH), 4. Shea Partin (PJH), 5. Aliysa Thatcher (NAJH)
Boys 110M Hurdles: 1. Evan DiBiaso (WUJH), 2. Mason Sims (PJH), 3. Terrell Leasure (NAJH), 4. Denton White (MJH), 5. Ethan Beekman (PJH)
Girls 100M Dash: 1. Sierra Kendall (NAJH), 2. Jaiana White (WUJH), 3. Sophia Paul (MJH), 4. Shea Perin (PJH), Katie Smith (MJH)
Boys 100M Dash: 1. Eli Ramey (WUJH), 2. Logan Bell (MJH), 3. Jacob Campbell (NAJH), 4. Mitchell Woods (PJH), 5. Jacob Newkirk (PJH)
Girls 1600M Run: 1. Katy Seas (PJH), 2. Jayden Breeze (MJH), 3. Tori Staggs (NAJH), 4. Chole Johnson (WUJH), 5. Trindy Hamm (PJH)
Boys 1600M Run: 1. Bransyn Hopkins (PJH), 2. Zander White (MJH), 3. Nick Staff (PJH), 4. Carson Chaney (NAJH), 5. Julius Fite (NAJH)

Peebles’ Bransyn Hopkins turns the corner in the 1600 Meter Run at Monday’s Junior High Meet. Hopkins had a big day, winning the 1600 Meter Run and the 800 Meter Run.

Girls 4 x 100 Relay: 1. Peebles, 2. North Adams, 3. West Union
Boys 4 x 100 Relay: 1. Manchester, 2. Peebles, 3. West Union
Girls 400M Dash: 1. Adelyn Shupert (WUJH), 2. Katy Seas (PJH), 3. Myla Toole (NAJH), 4. Ashleigh Dunn (MJH), 5. Kileigh Mitchell (MJH)
Boys 400M Dash: 1. Mitchell Woods (PJH), 2. Chris Schulz (WUJH), 3. Hayden Crum (PJH), 4. Zander White (MJH), 5. Carson Chaney (NAJH)
Girls 4 x 200 Relay: 1. West Union, 2. North Adams, 3. Peebles
Boys 4 x 200 Relay: 1. West Union, 2. Manchester
Girls 200M Hurdles: 1. Katie Smith (MJH), 2. Lydia Phipps (PJH), 3. Lauren Partin (PJH), 4. Ashleigh Dunn (MJH), 5. Sasha Blythe (WUJH)
Boys 200M Hurdles: 1. Terrell Leasure (NAJH), 2. Evan Edmisten (WUJH), 3. Dalton McDonald (MJH), 4. Mason Sims (PJH), 5. Zander White (MJH)
Girls 800M Run: 1. Katy Seas (PJH), 2. Jayden Breeze (MJH), 3. Carly Hayslip (WUJH), 4. Bree Carver (PJH), 5. Chole Johnson (WUJH)
Boys 800M Run: 1. Bransyn Hopkins (PJH), 2. Lucas Smith (MJH), 3. Nick Scaff (PJH), 4. Wyatt Taylor (MJH), 5. Dexter Beam (NAJH)
Girls 200M Dash: 1. Sierra Kendall (NAJH), 2. Shea Perin (PJH), 3. Hannah Hobbs (MJH), 4. Joy Nelms (WUJH), 5. Talia Arey (PJH)
Boys 200M Dash: 1. Eli Ramey (WUJH), 2. Ryland Wikoff (MJH), 3. Terrell Leasure (NAJH), 4. Hayden Crum (PJH), 5. Carson Chaney (NAJH)
Girls 4 x 400 Relay: 1. North Adams, 2. West Union, 3. Peebles
Boys 4 x 400 Relay: 1. Peebles
Girls Final Team Standings: Peebles 62, North Adams 58, Manchester 53, West Union 42
Boys Final Team Standings: Manchester 63, West Union 56, Peebles 56, North Adams 34