FFA sponsors Kindergarten Ag Day

Wide-eyed and intrigued, kindergarten students from the area were part of the annual Ag Day at the fairgrounds on April 25.

Day-long event gives kids a chance to learn about farming and food production – 

By Patricia Beech – 

Rain did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the Kindergarten and pre-school students who attended Kindergarten Ag Day at the Adams County fairgrounds on Wednesday, April 25.
“We’re expecting at least a thousand people to pass through here today,” said Luke Rhonemus, Ag Business instructor at the Career and Technical Center (CTC). “It seems like it’s getting bigger every year.”
The annual event is sponsored by the Ohio Valley Career and Technical Center’s (OVCTC) FFA Chapter.
Garrett Allen, President of the CTC’s FFA chapter says he believes Kindergarten Ag Day provides an important experience for younger children.
“We have so many kids in our community who live in town, and they may not get to experience things like tractors, mowers, or even animals,.” Says Allen. “ Ag Day gives those kids an opportunity to experience what farm life is like because they get to learn about planting seeds in soil and how they grow, they learn about different cows and horses and the everyday Ag experience. “

One of the objectives of Ag Day is to have the students learn what agriculture is all about and where there food comes from.

Children and their parents participate in a wide range of activities throughout the day-long even, all of which are designed to help the students understand where their food comes from.
Rhonemus says it’s about connecting kids to their roots.
“We want them to understand what agriculture is all about and where their food comes from,” Rhonemus said. “Kids might see a tractor or a combine on the road because Adams County is such a huge agricultural county, but we want them to know what it’s all about and to be proud of living in a county where agriculture is one of the leading industries.”
Major contributors to Kindergarten Ag Day include: Brad White, Cherry Fork Farm Supply, the Hesler Farm, the Erwin Farm, the Adams County Fair Board, and Darlene Anderson.