#DragonDynasty will have a new leader

After one very successful season at the helm, Greg Himes will not be returning as WUHS boys basketball coach next season.

Himes, WUHS decide to part ways after one season – 

By Mark Carpenter – 

“Greg Himes did an excellent job leading our Dragons to a SHAC championship in the 2017-18 season. By statute, all supplemental contracts are non-renewed each year. Coach Himes was provided the opportunity to apply for and coach again in 2018-19. A timeline for getting started was provided to Coach Himes and he did not apply for or pursue coaching for us. I wish Coach Himes the best of luck moving forward.”
With that statement, issued early last Friday morning by West Union High School principal Roger Taylor, the Greg Himes coaching era at WUHS came to an abrupt and unexpected end. By what can be referred to as mutual decision, the one-year stint for Himes as boys varsity boys basketball coach came to a close.
The one season with Himes at the helm was certainly a memorable one for the Dragons and their fans, as keyed with the terms “Gold Rush” and #Dragon Dynasty, the team went 16-5 and captured their first Southern Hills Athletic Conference championship since 1989, winning the big school division of the SHAC. The season ended on a sour note, however, as West Union was upset in their sectional opener by Southeastern.
According to Himes, who is currently employed at the Alliance Academy in Cincinnati, he would have loved to have stayed at WUHS but there was no teaching position available for him in the district.
“I got a text from Mr. Taylor on Saturday morning (April 14) giving me a directive,” said Himes. “I told him I was dealing with a death in our family and though that was more important than basketball. I got a text yesterday (April 18) from Principal Taylor telling me that they were moving forward with a new boys basketball coach.”
According to Taylor, the directive was a request to provide open gym/summer plans for his team plus his plans for next season and Coach Himes declined to get started. “He instead told me that he was reviewing other options,” Taylor told the Defender via e-mail. “We provided a timeline and he declined to coach for us.”
“For a period of weeks, we knew that Coach Himes wanted a teaching job but he wasn’t fully credentialed and we have applicants that are,” said Taylor. “We also specifically didn’t have a job in this building (WUHS). I understand that he had other offers and I just needed to know whether he wanted to be our coach next year because he had been rather vague about the subject. He thanked me for the opportunity and if he had wanted to be our coach next year, he would be our coach.”
“That was fine with me,” said Coach Himes. “I have had a couple of other offers since then. We had a great year at West Union.”
“I just appreciate everyone’s support over the last year. It was a great run with a great group of kids and I hope things continue to be successful. The community treated me very well and it was a good ride. A lot of people such as other coaches reached out to me with congratulations on a great season. I’m just ready to move on.”
“We are looking internally at coaching candidates for next season,” said Taylor. “Hopefully we will have a staff together by next week to announce.”