CTC sponsors Junior High Career Fair

Students at local junior high schools recently got the opportunity to be part of a Career Fair sponsored by students at the Ohio Valley Career and Technical Center.

CTC community action team encourages younger students to ‘Plan Your Future for the Next Big Step’ – 

By Patricia Beech – 

Are Junior High School students in Adams County aware of what it takes to get the job of their dreams?
That question was the focus of a Career Fair sponsored by students from the Ohio Valley Career and Technical Center, as part of their annual Skills USA Community Action Project.
The main purpose of the project is to develop, execute, document, and present a completed community or school-focused program that benefits the school or community. Events like the Career Fair also inform the community about the outstanding work being performed by career and technical education students.
The 2018 Skills USA community service team includes CTC students – Ashley Francis, Alexus Barlow, Bryant Hatmaker, and Amie Blevins.
“After conducting research our CTC team concluded that many young people in our county are unaware of what is actually required in order for them to get the jobs they dream of having,” said CTC Science instructor, Tammy Nevil. “Our team’s Skills USA community service project, the Career Fair, was designed to inform junior high students about different careers and guide those students to the pathway of success.”
According to Nevil, the overall goal of the Career Fair project was to provide specific information to students about their chosen careers and vocations, including education and training requirements, as well as necessary skills development.
“We wanted to be certain that junior high students who attended the event would have a better understanding of how to be successful in their choice of careers, especially those who plan to attend the CTC,” she said, adding, “If 10th graders had a better idea of what is offered at the CTC, they would be able to make better choices about their future.”
Skills USA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce by providing educational programs, events and competitions that support career and technical education in the nation’s classrooms.
After receiving permission from their principal, Jason Vesey, students comprising the CTC Community Service Team presented their project plans to Ohio Valley and Manchester School District principals.
Career Fairs were subsequently scheduled at Manchester High School on Jan. 10; North Adams High School on Feb. 2; and at West Union High School on March 1.
The CTC team members were also responsible for finding speakers for each event, including CTC students who would represent their own fields of study.
Speakers at the events represented a wide range of careers and jobs including: Nursing and ICU care, law enforcement, school safety officer, doctor, veterinarian, lawyer, early childhood care, teacher, intervention specialist, machining, culinary arts, auto technician, cosmetology, informational systems technology, agriculture business, agriculture mechanics, engineering, pharmacy technician, and STNAs.
Participating speakers included: Don Rabold, Tommy Wilson, Kaleb Griffin, Jennifer McNeil, Monica Barlow, Angela McGraw, Tammy Nevil, Faith Chamblin, Breanna Lucket, Logan Baldwin, Alexis Grooms, Jill Griffith, Katelyn Merz, Haley Porterfield, Ethan Shelton, Ryanna Shearer, Alexus Barlow, Bryant Hatmaker, Cierra Roberts, and Jordyn Bradford, Summer Grooms, and Kaitlyn Welch.
Each speaker gave a 15 minute speech about their career followed by a five-minute question and answer session.
“We really appreciated the time and effort of all the speakers from the community and the CTC who explained their particular careers, the schooling required for that career, and how much someone can expect to make in that career,” said Nevil.
Junior High students were directed from speaker to speaker at each of the Career Fairs, and were provided with evaluation sheets.
At the end of each Career Fair, the CTC action team’s performance was evaluated by students, teachers, and principals, in addition to their own self-evaluation.
“We had a reflection time after each Career Fair to fix any issues that came up,” said Nevil. “Each of the events came with its own unique problems, but we were able to overcome all the issues successfully – a fact that was confirmed by evaluations from all parties, especially students who were our focus.”
Nevil said the CTC team provided “Thank You” gift bags to each of the speakers, principals, and teachers who worked with them to make the Career Fairs a success.
“We would like to say a big thank you to all our sponsors, especially those who provided food for ‘Thank You’ bags and a light meal for all the speakers, including: Dominos in West Union, Cantrell’s in Manchester, Marathon in Seaman, Subway in West Union and Seaman, the Family Dollar in Seaman, Cruiser’s Diner in Seaman, and the Sunset Bowling Alley in West Union.
Nevil also expressed a special thanks to the participating principals including Dana Pollock at Manchester, Linda Naylor at North Adams, and Roger Taylor at West Union.