SHAC Seniors will shine once more on March 29 in annual C103 All-Star Game

Two teammates match up with each other in last year’s C103 All-Star Game as North Adams’ Caitlin Young looks for a path to the basket around Lady Devils teammate Madison Jenkins.

Action returns to WUHS on Thursday night – 

By Mark Carpenter – 

For the 35th season, local radio station C103 will host the Southern Hills Athletic Conference Senior All-Star Game, with this year’s events set for March 29 at West Union High School. The Senior All-Star Game is always a big event before a capacity crowd and gives local basketball fans one last opportunity to see their favorites senior hoopsters in action.
The action begins at 6 p.m. with the Girls All-Star Game, led by coaches Billie Jo Justice from Peebles, Chad Hamilton from Fairfield, Kevin Pickerill from Eastern Brown, Rob Davis from North Adams, and Vohn Hoop from Manchester.
For the girls game, this year’s Red Team will include: Abby Blankenship (Lynchburg), Alyssa Hoskins (Manchester), Ashley Sowards (Fairfield), Brooklyn Stout (North Adams), Carli Rieber (Fairfield), C.J. Hobbs (Manchester), Emily Pinkerton (Lynchburg), Madee Shipley (North Adams), Maggie Fultz (Eastern Brown), Megan Botts (Whiteoak), Mikayla Farris (Eastern Brown), Taylor Hesler (North Adams), and Whitney Broughton (Eastern Brown).
Populating the roster of the Girls White Team will be: Avery Harper (North Adams), Baylee Justice (Peebles), Blake Adams (Fairfield), Brooklyn Wylie (North Adams), Grace Shope (Fairfield), Haley Daniels (West Union), Haley Moore (Fayetteville), Kaley Daniels (West Union), Lakyn Hupp (North Adams), Matti Nichols (Peebles), McKayla Raines (North Adams), McKinlee Ryan (Peebles), and Sianna Mills (West Union).
After the girls contest will come the always entertaining Hot Shot Contest, more commonly called by the NBA, a Three-Point Shootout. Last year’s overall Hot Shot Champion was Caitlin Young from North Adams High School.
Next up will be the Boys Game, with the two teams led by coaches Greg Himes from West Union, Josh Arey from Peebles, Rob Beucler from Eastern Brown, Rex Woodward from Ripley, and Jason Iles from Fayetteville.
The Boys Red Team will include: Cody Gragg (Fairfield), Colt Shumaker (North Adams), Dare Minton (Eastern Brown), Elijah McCarty (West Union), Ethan Pennywitt (Manchester), Gage Lucas (Manchester), Garrett Vogler (West Union), Garyn Purdy (Eastern Brown), Josiah Staggs (Ripley), Quinton Beatty (Fairfield), Tanner Arey (Peebles), Tanner Utterback (Manchester), T.J. Stivers (Eastern Brown), Trever Yeager (Whiteoak), and Tucker Ayres (Fairfield).

West Union’s Andrew Weeks competes in the 2017 Hot Shot Contest.

The Boys White Team will be made up of: Austin Hilt (Lynchburg), Blake Hawes (Peebles), Blake Smalley (Peebles), Bostin Robinson (Peebles), Brian Dunn (Ripley), Dylan Ison (North Adams), Eli Fuller (West Union), Eric McLaughlin (Lynchburg), Jacob Call (North Adams), Jamie Combs (Manchester), Michael Crowe (Whiteoak), Noble Walker (Lynchburg), Ryan Harney (Ripley), Ryan Shupert (North Adams), and Stephen Ross (Whiteoak).
At halftime of the boys’ game comes the rim-rocking Slam Dunk Contest, won last year by Lynchburg’s McLaughlin. Also at the boys’ half will be the presentation of the annual C013 scholarships, where the radio station awards $1,000 to 10 deserving senior student/athletes from the SHAC.
Besides all the girls and boys who perform on the hardwood, also on hand will be the All-Star Cheerleaders, coached by West Union’s Angela Jordan and Chelsea Phelps. This year’s cheerleading squads will include: Addie Fowler (Fayetteville), Alaina Harover (West Union), Andrea Preston (Ripley), Braydan Gaffin (West Union), Chelsey Williams (Peebles), Erica Hendrickson (North Adams), Hannah Willey (Fairfield), Haven Dunseith (North Adams), Jai-Lyn Hodge (Manchester), Jalyssa Carson (North Adams), Jerah Lynch (Eastern Brown), Kaitlynn Welch (West Union), Katie Sandlin (Manchester), Kennedi Newman (Peebles), Lauren Guenther (Fayetteville), Macinzey Harvey (Fairfield), Kenzie Smith (Whiteoak), Madison Mugnani (Lynchburg), Makayla Crawford (North Adams ), McKinlee Grooms (Manchester), Paige Demlow (North Adams), Shelby Banks (Whiteoak), Taylor Young (Manchester), Tiffany Snider (Fayetteville), and Tori Richards (Eastern Brown).