Local vet makes a business of raising Old Glory

This flag and pole near the Manchester High School football field is a part of Sonny Kendall’s work around numerous counties.

Encourages others to learn stars and stripes etiquette – 

By Patricia Beech – 
Photo by Mark Carpenter – 

Sonny Kendall is a Vietnam vet, and he has a bone to pick with people who send an American flag up a pole and leave it until it’s tattered and torn.
“It’s disgraceful,” he says. “With all the sacrifices made by those in the military, it’s just isn’t right -better not to have one than to let it go in that condition.”
The owner of Freedom Flags, located on Unity Road in the heart of Amish Country, Kendall and his wife Bobbie keep an inventory of flags and a list of customers who, after purchasing a Freedom Flag and pole, can count on Kendall to maintain it “as it should be”.
“I’m obligated to them, and they’re obligated to me,” he says. “It’s all done by contract.”
Prior to Veterans Day and Memorial Day, Kendall visits his customers to make sure their flags are in top- notch condition.
“Local business owners who’ve bought one of our flags know I’ll be there to check on its condition and make it right,” he says. “They know their flags are looking the way they should.”
Thus far, Kendall has set over 50 flag poles, both residential and commercial, of various sizes across Adams, Pike, Highland, Brown, and Fayette counties.
The first flag he erected was at the Y Restaurant in Highland County, and the largest, measuring 12’x18′, stands near the Manchester High School football field.
In addition, he has set poles and raised flags at each of Adams County’s libraries, at the Adams County Regional Medical Center, at each Ohio Valley school location, and at all but one branch of the First State Bank.
“If anybody’s shopping for a flag and a means to fly it,” he says. “I’m still in the book.”
While he is passionate about taking proper care of the flag, he admits that most people simply don’t know the rules of flag etiquette when flying the stars and stripes.