Two arrested, charged with burglary


Suspects jailed after high speed chase across four counties – 

By Patricia Beech – 

Two people wanted for burglarizing a Manchester residence in mid-February are in the Adams County jail following a high speed chase across four counties.
Dwain A. Cottrill and Cherry Lynn Schall were arrested in Ross County where deputies recovered several stolen items from the couple’s car.
According to Adams County Sheriff Kimmy Rogers, the residence had security cameras that clearly revealed the suspects’ identities as well as their automobile.
“We posted the security footage on Facebook and received several messages from people in the Lucasville area who were able to identify them,” Rogers said.


Deputy Sam Purtin was dispatched to Lucasville to meet with a Scioto County deputy, but while enroute he spotted the vehicle from the security tapes, and after identifying the suspects, began following them.
The duo led law enforcement on a four-county police chase through Scioto, Pike, Lawrence, and Ross Counties, where the Ohio State Highway Patrol used spike-strips to disable the suspect’s car at the Rapid Forge and Reservoir Road intersection in Ross County.
According to Rogers, the suspects fled on foot into a nearby wooded area with deputies in hot pursuit. Cottrill attempted to escape by jumping into Paint Creek, but was apprehended by a deputy. The pair were taken to the Ross County Jail before being transferred back to Adams County.
Schall was charged with Burglary and Cottrill was charged with Burglary and Violation of Parole.