Arts Council holds Masquerade Ball

From left, Adams County Arts Council Board members, Betsy Miskell, Ken Smith, Davina Cooper, and Sally White.

Building fund for Culture Center continues to grow – 

By Patricia Beech – 

Carnival masks were the height of fashion at the Adams County Arts Council’s Masquerade Ball held at Studio 101 in West Union on Friday, Feb. 23.
“The Arts Council is trying to have a least one event a month to promote and cultivate the arts in Adams County,” said Council President, Betsy Miskell.
Robert Chandler, a fourth-grade Intervention Specialist at West Union Elementary School, spearheaded the event.
“I’ve always loved masquerades, and I’ve always wanted to do a masquerade ball,” Chander said. “The Arts Council approached me about the event because I have a degree in dance, so we began by offering four weeks of ballroom dance classes leading up to the ball.”
Participants learned dance steps for the waltz, the tango, the two-step, and the fox trot.
“We’re trying to bring people back to their ‘art roots’”, says Chandler. “Once people graduate from school, they seem to leave their art interests behind, so we’re reminding them that art is something anyone can do.”
According to Arts Council president Betsy Miskell, the proceeds from the Masquerade Ball will go toward the Art Council’s Culture Center Building Fund.
“The community has been very supportive, and people are giving to the building fund as we continue to look for a land donation for the Culture Center,” she said.
In March, the Art Council will sponsor a Magic Show and a Poetry Reading, and will bring their first play of the year to the stage in May.
“Theater is a wonderful way to bring the community together in a different way,” says Chandler. “It provides a different picture of Adams County, because it shows that we do have a great arts culture here in our county.”