Flood warnings in effect along Ohio River

By Tuesday morning, some of the low lying areas along Route 52 in Manchester were already inundated by flood waters. (Photo by Mark Carpenter)

Springlike days and rain follow winter weather – 

By Patricia Beech – 

After a week of record-crushing weather ranging from snowfall to warm springlike days, residents living along the Ohio River are watchful as flood warnings remain in effect along the 1,310 mile-long waterway.
On Tuesday the river stood at 54.91 feet, with more rain predicted to fall through the night into Wednesday morning when the river was expected to crest at 56.1 feet. At that level, authorities say widespread backwater flooding along creeks and streams can occur leading to dangerous high water on roadways. This is only the second time in the last 15 years that the river levels have reached this high.

The waters of the rising Ohio River meet Front Street in Manchester in this shot taken on Monday afternoon.

State Route 52 running east to west through Manchester is in the potential flood zone.
Motorists are warned to avoid water-covered roadways.
Tuesday morning Manchester Fire Chief Rick Bowman said city officials are hoping for the best.
“We’re a little past the level where we were during the 1997 flood,” said Bowman. “We’ve had a couple of families who had to leave their homes because of rising water, but we aren’t to the point where we’re ready to open the shelter.”
Bowman said the river level appeared to be dropping late Monday night.”We’re hoping the water stops where it is,” he said. “Once it starts going down, it takes a lot to bring it back up, it just depends on how much rain we get in the days ahead.”