Hawks vs. Eagles-who will fly higher this time?

There can only be one thought going through the mind of “Dunkin” Darrel Grooms-”Should I score 60 on them this time?”

By Mark Carpenter – 

It’s that time of year again when Adams County Sheriff Kimmy Rogers rounds up his best “ballers” and takes his annual beating at the hands of the squad of Venture Hawks.
With the theme of “Celebrating Community”, West Union High School will again be the site for the Sunday, Feb. 25 meeting between the Hawks and the Sheriff’s Office. The hardwood action begins at 2 p.m., with the doors opening at 1 p.m.
Sheriff Rogers has deemed his squad this year as the Adams County All-Stars and stacked his roster with some ringers, including Victor Bowman, Mike Cluxton, Clerk of Courts Larry Heller, Prosecutor David Kelley, WUHS Girls Coach J.R. Kirker, Commissioner Ty Pell, and NAHS Hall of Famer Barbara Moore.
The Sheriff can load up his roster with as much talent as he wants, but reports are that the county’s biggest start and leading scorer,”Dunkin” Darrel Grooms is chomping at the bit to get back on the court and dazzle the All-Stars with his multiple moves and acrobatic shots, that add up to about 50 points per game, unstoppable.
Besides the action on the court, fans in attendance will be entertained by the work of the students from Creative Spark and the Ignite Dance Team. As part of a Grant Project connected with the day’s events, fans can even try their hand at “Zumba” after the game.

It will take all of the cash in Sheriff Kimmy Rogers’ pockets to bribe the officials before the Feb. 25 meeting between the Sheriff’s All-Stars and the Venture Hawks.

The day will also include a Split the Pot, the presentation of the annual Healthy Hero Award, and a Safe Communities presentation on Motorcycle Safety.
The special guest speaker for the day, to honor the 50th anniversary of the Special Olympics, will be Johnny Vilardo, the National Gold Medalist for Special Olympics Golf.