Area routes affected by flooding

The following routes on the state highway system in ODOT District 9 remain closed today due to flooding:

S.R. 247 between the 0.0-mile marker at T.R. 2015 (Pownall Road) and the 0.32-mile marker at U.S. 52 in the community of Wrightsville.

S.R. 221 at the 1.0-mile marker and U.S. 52 at Higginsport.

S.R. 7 near the 12.0-mile marker and T.R. 1147 (Jewell Road), just south of Athalia.

S.R. 243 between the 17.0-mile marker at C.R. 68 (Shafer Town Road) and the 18.39-mile marker and S.R. 7 at Bradrick.

S.R. 650 at the 0.00-mile marker and U.S. 52 at Hanging Rock.

S.R. 650 between the 7.14-mile marker at C.R. 27 (Little Pine Road) and the 9.28-mile marker at S.R. 522.

S.R. 73/104 at the 25.18-mile marker and the interchange ramps at S.R. 852 and U.S. 52.

S.R. 73/104 at the 25.56-mile marker and the Second Street Bridge at Portsmouth.

S.R. 239 between the 0.00-mile marker at U.S. 52 and the 1.22-mile marker at S.R. 73/104 at West Portsmouth.

These closures are in effect until further notice. Motorists are reminded that crossing any closed route is strictly prohibited, and they should use additional caution when traveling on roadways which remain open but where standing water may be present.