Minor flooding expected along Ohio River

The Ohio River covers the boat ramp Thursday at the Maysville River Park. Photo by Terry Prather, The Ledger Independent.

By Mary Ann Kearns,
The Ledger Independent, Maysville – 

With more rain expected and well-above-normal temperatures predicted over the next several days, residents can expect to see area rivers and streams on the rise. But just how high flood waters may get remains to be seen. Currently, the forecast from the National Weather Service calls for the Ohio River to crest at about 49 feet in Maysville on Tuesday. According to NWS, flooding of lowland areas near the river occurs in Mason County at that stage. Backwater flooding into creeks and streams can also be expected. Flooding also begins in Brown County, especially along Eagle and Straight Creeks. The city of Maysville is protected to a stage of 79 feet by the floodwall. Closures in the floodwall are dictated by river levels from 43 to 73 feet, Greg Bess, who works for Maysville Public Works and who, according to Public Works Director Mike Barbee, is the city’s “floodwall expert,” said. There are 10 “closures” in the floodwall system, he said. The flood closure has already been made at Short Street, Bess said. City employees will work Saturday on closures at Goose Creek and Limestone Landing, he said. In the meantime, Bess said he will monitor river levels through an app he has on his smartphone, a far cry from a few years ago when a phone call to the river station was the only way to check.