Local stray dog recovers from hit and run


On July 10, 2017, a white and brown dog was found beside a road near Peebles. She was lying in a ditch, covered in her own blood. Her right front leg was broken and useless. Flesh hung in tatters from her mangled face, and bone could be seen through the ripped muscle of her rear thigh.
The dog had been left for dead by the driver that hit her, but her life would not end that warm mid-summer night. A passing motorist noticed the white fur in the dark and stopped to investigate. When it was discovered that the dog was still alive, she was brought to the Humane Society of Adams County in West Union, where she was taken to the shelter’s veterinarian.
Despite massive pain, “Danielle”, as she was named, never issued even a growl as she was treated for her many injuries. After weeks in a cast, her front leg healed. Daily cleaning by dedicated shelter staff and strong antibiotics allowed her flesh to re-close over the gaping wounds in her thigh and face. Hundreds of dollars went into the recovery and vetting of this one dog, and her overall cost of care far exceeded what is normally budgeted for each homeless animal that enters the shelter.
Though the shelter considers Danielle to be well worth the extra effort to save her life, money used for the treatment of emergencies always has the potential to cause budget shortfalls in other areas of the shelter’s operations. For this reason, the animal shelter has established a fund to set aside money for animals like Danielle so that treatment is able to be given without hesitation and such loving, joyful animals may go on to lead happy, healthy, full lives with families that delight in their existence.


The animal shelter in West Union is requesting supporters to consider donating money, in any amount, large or small, to reimburse the shelter for the cost of Danielle’s treatment, and to help future animals in situations like hers. Those who wish to help in other ways may volunteer their time, such as two hours per month at the shelter helping clean and do dishes and laundry, or they may donate items such as laundry detergent, paper towels, and puppy and kitten food.
All donations are welcome. The shelter can be reached at (937) 544-8585 and through their Facebook page at Humane Society of Adams County, Inc.
Danielle is fully healed and is still at the shelter in West Union, waiting for the perfect family to adopt her. She has been spayed, vaccinated, and de-wormed. Interested families and individuals are encouraged to stop in to meet her.
Supporters may give donations online through Go Fund Me toward Danielle’s recovery and care by visiting https://www.gofundme.com/caring-hearts-fund.