PES Science Fair encourages students’ interest in the Scientific Method

Overall Finalists moving on to the Southern Ohio District Science Day. From left, First Place, Kennedy Dick; Second Place, Morgan Bergquist; Third Place, Mason Hanes; and Fourth Place, Chris Steed Alternates are Caydence Carroll and the team of Fayth Riley and Eliyah Calhoon.

Rows of display boards lined the large gymnasium at Peebles Elementary on Thursday, Jan. 25 for the school’s annual Science Fair. Sixth Grade teacher and Science Fair Coordinator Jessica Kremin requires the sixth grade students each year to participate in the Science Fair. There were over 80 sixth grade participants at the event that also included a few fifth graders.
“It is significant for students to be able to design and conduct a scientific investigation, analyze and interpret their data, and develop a conclusion”, explain Mrs. Kremin. “For a simple project, they like to do product testing, like which whitening toothpaste will whiten the best. First, they have to create a hypothesis on which one they think is going to be the best in their research. Then they actually put it to the test and then answer the conclusion. Some kids will do the whole project and say ‘Oh my goodness, my hypothesis was wrong!’ or ‘I can’t believe what I found out!’”. That cab be an amazing learning experience.
This year GE Aviation reached out to get involved with the PES Science fair. David Riley, GE employee and OVSD Board Member, facilitated this collaborative effort. GE purchased a display board kit, three-ring binder, and log book for every participant. They also purchased and provided a few with materials that were needed and came into the classroom for a month to assist students on completing their projects. This was an amazing opportunity for the students involved.
The winners were announced the same day after the judging and viewing of projects. There were 11 categories this year with a first, second, and third place awarded in each category. The top four projects were selected to represent Peebles Elementary at Southern Ohio District Science Day in March. The winners of the contest were as follows:
Life Sciences: Botany- First Place, Braden Travis; Biochemistry- First Place, Gracey Beckett and Rylee Barr; Second Place, Wyatt Haymans; and Third Place, Cayleigh Travis and Gracelin Toller.
Zoology- First Place, Hailey Newman; Behavior and Social Sciences- First Place, Hayden Countryman and Jay Jenkins; Second Place, Jacob Stephens; and Third Place, Renea Banks.
Medicine and Health- First Place, Jasmine Wolke; Second Place, Skylar Sturgill and Kayley Edminsten; and Third Place, Timothy Cox.
Microbiology- First Place, Morgan Bergquist; Second Place, Caydence Carroll; and Third Place, Gracie Lowe and Lizzy Gerth.
Earth and Space Sciences- First Place, Mason Hanes.
Environmental Science-First Place, Gavin Wallingford.
Physical Sciences:
Physics-First Place, Chris Steed; Second Place, Ellie Stephens; and Third Place, Quade Schoonover.
Chemistry- First Place, Payton Johnson and Baylie Johnston; Second Place, Drew Patton and Jayce West; and Third Place, Samantha Seas
Engineering- First Place, Kennedy Dick; Second Place, Fayth Riley and Eliyah Calhoon; and Third Place, Gage Grooms.