Local residents weigh in on President’s first year in office

Deconstructing Trump – 

By Patricia Beech – 

Following President Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, the Defender asked local Facebook users to share their thoughts about the administration’s first year in office.
The results were pretty evenly mixed, with half the respondents supporting the president and his agenda, and the other half expressing more doubts about his character then his policies.
Sarah Lowman, a mother of two from Manchester, posted that she thought the president’s economic policies were steering the country in the right direction.
“I’m impressed with the fact that the ‘black’ unemployment rate is down under 7%, I’m even more impressed with the fact that the stock market has grown around 27% since he was sworn in,” she said. “The man may not be the best politician, but he’s doing amazing work for our country, and I’m loving that so many age groups are now paying attention to what is actually going on with our government.”
Another respondent, who asked to remain anonymous, was not as impressed with the president’s performance.
“The stock market is doing well, but that does not directly benefit so many Americans who are struggling to make ends meet,” she said, adding, “I am saddened to see our Commander-in-Chief sow so much divisiveness, spread so many untruths, and be such a bully. His rhetoric recklessly endangers military personnel and Americans abroad, and deepens distrust among Americans here at home.”
Peebles resident Marie Palmer gave the President a high grade while acknowledging that Trump has had difficulty “seating his administration” because of rampant partisanship.
“He’s done great business for our country, supported the military, and improved foreign policy,” she said. “Trump may be impulsive with his tweets, but those that don’t agree with him worry more about how to trigger a comment out of him than to focus on what our country needs.”
On the other hand, West Union resident Jerry Demint, believes Trump’s impulsiveness reflects poorly on the country saying, “Its amazing how much we have lowered the standards for how the President of the U.S.A. should behave.”
Kevin Walters, Assistant Fire Chief for the Manchester Fire Department, agreed that the President “might not be politically correct”, but said he approves of Trump’s overall performance, calling him “the best thing that has happened to our country in a long time”.
“I think our president is doing a great job,” Walters said. “Look what he has already accomplished in his first year – tax cuts, unemployment is down, the stock market at an all-time high, he’s working on border security and immigration reform, and look at his strong support of our military members, veterans, and law enforcement officers – what more could we as God-fearing, red-blooded Americans want.”
Walters also said he appreciated how Trump had the “guts to go into Washington and shake things up”.
“He lets them know it is no longer business as usual.”
Millennial Storm Boyd, said he believes the President is “mostly the opposite of the American idea” of what a Commander-in-Chief should be.
“His words of hate, bigotry, misogyny, and racism have no place in the White House,” said Boyd. “The President of the United States is supposed to be the leader of the free world and a person that inspires all Americans to form a more perfect union. All he’s done in one year is tweet insults to anyone who says the slightest thing he doesn’t like, not to mention that he is currently under investigation for obstruction of justice and Russian collusion.”
To the contrary, Peebles resident Bernice Vest says she thinks the President is doing a great job.
“He is fighting for our country and the people should stand behind him, or at least show respect,” she said. “I voted Democrat until Trump came along and showed how corrupt our government really is, and yes, corrupt on both sides, or all sides. Trump could be anywhere doing anything, but he chose to take a stand and fight for our country and all the people.”
An anonymous contributor, who calls herself a “proud Navy Mom, said she fears the President is damaging America’s credibility with other nations.
“It is pretty clear that the POTUS lack of tact, lack of discretion, and provocative social interactions are hurting our standing on the world stage,” she said. “Our military presence in nations he has disparaged is increasing, and this type of disrespect leaves our military personnel more vulnerable to lack of trust and hostility from the people who call these nations their homes.”
Peebles resident Kris Foster-Phipps said she believes the President isn’t truthful, and worries that the American people are turning a blind eye.
“I am concerned that he lies – a lot,” she said. “He claims real news is fake, and folks seem to be okay with his lies.”
The widow of a retired Army Sergeant, Becky Satterfield-Stephens, called the partisanship displayed by Democrats during the State of the Union “un-American”, and said she believes Trump’s policies have been good for the economy.
“People should be happy that industries are picking up, when that happens jobs are up and the economy goes up,” she said. “While they (the Democrats) were all sitting with frowns on their faces, I wonder what the military soldiers were thinking?”
Retired Army veteran John McAdow, said he believes the President will eventually be impeached. He said “Trump is a total liar that will not be able to tell the truth under oath.”
With an opposite viewpoint, Maverick Mathews, also a retired U.S. Army veteran, said he believes the President has done a good job with both the economy and the military during his first year as Commander in Chief.
“The military have done more against ISIS in the last year then they did under the eight years of Obama, and I just got a bigger paycheck because of the tax cut.”
Asking to remain anonymous, a local self-identified, conservative Republican, said he was concerned about the national debt.
“President Trump did not use the word ‘debt’ during his address, and he didn’t explain how the government will pay for rebuilding our infrastructure or the tax cuts,” he said. “We should all be worried about that.”