High school student raises funds for ACRMC Smoking Cessation Program and presents research at Cleveland Clinic

Felix Karthik, left, and Stephanie Sparks their research, “Freedom from Smoking for an Ohio Rural Community” at the Cleveland Clinic’s Nursing Research Conference.

Felix Karthik, a high school junior at The Seven Hills School in Cincinnati, raised around $3,000 through the Adams County Medical Foundation to fund ACRMC’s Smoking Cessation program. Felix began this two-year community service project during his sophomore year and chose this project due to his passion to help people make changes to their health starting at the community level, especially in rural areas. He came to know that half of all children between ages 3 and 18, who are exposed to toxic smoke from cigarettes regularly, can suffer immediate and long-term damage to the body. So he worked closely with Stephanie Sparks, BSN, RN, CTTS, at the hospital and attended the Freedom from Smoking (FFS) Program.
ACRMC’s smoking cessation program is designed to create a tobacco-free environment, which would prohibit both smoke and smoke-free tobacco use. The goal is to get school employees/teachers and the rest of the ACRMC community who are interested in stopping smoking to help set a good example for the children by quitting smoking. Weekly sessions are conducted, and nicotine replacement products are provided free of cost to help aid smoking cessation.
“Felix provided support to the participants in the FFS program, presented many informative Power Points at each session, and was an overall asset to our program,” said Sparks.
In May, Felix and Stephanie will present their research, “Freedom from Smoking for an Ohio Rural Community” at the Cleveland Clinic’s Nursing Research Conference. The invitation to present was extended from Sandra L. Siedlecki, Senior Nurse Scientist at the Clinic. The conference agenda centers on nursing research and dissemination which is a critical requirement of evidence-based nursing practice. It also allows nurses to network and share their research with academic and clinical researchers.
When Felix is accepted into college, he is planning to major in Molecular Biology. He says that he “sincerely enjoys volunteering at ACRMC” and plans to continue to raise funds for the Smoking Cessation program and work on the smoking cessation project.