Winter weather heroes make successful frozen pond rescue

Emergency crews were call to a frozen pond in northern Adams County on Monday morning to rescue this horse, who had slipped and fallen on the ice on the pond and was unable to regain its footing.


Local firefighters save horse after icy slip – 

By Patricia Beech – 
Photo by Kaiajade – 

Emergency crews on Monday morning, Jan. 8 were called to rescue a fallen horse after it wandered onto a large frozen pond in northern Adams County.
Firefighters from the Peebles and Franklin Township Fire Departments, two Sheriff’s deputies, and several local individuals responded to the owner’s call for help.
“The horse appeared to have slipped on the ice, and after falling couldn’t stand up on its own,” said Captain Floyd Lightcap of the Peebles Fire Department.
According to Lightcap, the horse was approximately eight feet from the shoreline when it fell.
Using their four-wheel drive Brush Fire truck and a rope, firefighters carefully dragged the horse to the pond’s edge, but it was still unable to stand on its own.
Lightcap said a local individual supplied firefighters with a Kubota skid loader to lift and hold the animal while its blood circulation returned to normal.
“She’d been through a tough time and was pretty worn out,” he said. “But once she got up and got some blood moving, she was able to walk back to the barn on her own where she was examined by a veterinarian and declared to be fine.”