Transformer explosion at Killen Station

An explosion in this section of the Killen Power Station on Sunday afternoon did not injure any personnel, according to DP&L.


Manchester fire department called to help fight blaze – 

By Patricia Beech – 

Firefighters on Sunday afternoon were called to the Killen Power Station in Manchester after one of the facility’s three main transformers exploded igniting a fire.
According to DP&L spokesperson, Maryann Kable, the explosion was an isolated incident, and none of the energy company’s personnel or contractors were injured in the blast.
“Safety remains our top priority,” she said. “The company is currently conducting a thorough assessment of the damage and necessary repairs with the goal of placing the transformer back in service.”
Manchester Fire Chief Rick Bowman said firefighters were called to the scene at 2:36 p.m.
to assist the plant’s fire brigade in stopping the blaze.
“The fire had to be extinguished with foam because the transformers have oil in them,” said Bowman.
Fire crews remained at the scene for about 90 minutes.
Transformers are devices that step up or step down the voltage of an electrical supply. When a transformer fails, it can result in a fire or explosion.
The Killen Station and the nearby J.M. Stuart Power Station have been in operation for more than fourdecades. Both are still scheduled for permanent closure at the end of June 2018.