NAES leads local schools represented at PBIS Showcase

North Adams Elementary Assistant Principal Kyle Brewer presented his school’s success at the recent PBIS Showcase held in Mansfield, Ohio on Nov. 30.


By Mark Carpenter – 

At the start of the 2016-17 school year, the staff at North Adams Elementary decided to fully implement the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) system. Throughout the school year, the NAES staff found ways through PBIS to actively encourage positive behavior within their building, which in turn, created a learning environment that promoted success in each grade level.
In May of 2017, a member of Region 14 came to NAES to conduct a Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) and to examine our PBIS evidence we had in place. To reach the Bronze level, our building had to score a minimum score of a 70% on the TFI. North Adams Elementary scored a 93%.
At the 2017-18 PBIS Showcase, which was held in Mansfield, Ohio, on Nov. 30, NAES Assistant Principal Kyle Brewer shared with other districts across the state the great things that his staff is doing on a daily basis to encourage positive behavior and to receive the Bronze Award. Since the showcase, members of schools across the state have shown interest in conducting site visits to see what PBIS looks like within the halls of NAES.
Reaching the bronze level has positively influenced the NAES school environment. Daily and monthly attendance goals are being met and staff members are reiterating behavior expectations instead of stating rules and outcomes.
Being one of 108 schools across the state to receive a PBIS award is a tremendous accomplishment for the NAES school community. The persistent work that the entire staff, students, and parents/guardians display throughout the school year is paying off and certainly helping reach the ultimate goal at North Adams Elementary, which is “Creating Hope” for every student that enters the building.
North Adams Elementary was not the only local school to be honored at this year’s PBIS Showcase. Peebles Elementary, Peebles High School, and the Ohio Valley Career and Technical Center were all in attendance and all also received Bronze Awards.