TAG students are winners at Invention Convention

Pictured are the Invention Convention Winners: Front row, from left, Fourth Graders: First Place- Dalton Pence, School Activity Clothing Planner; Second Place- Beau Hesler, Slumber Strap; Third Place- Xander Beam, 3M (Marvelous Meticulous Marker); Middle row, from left, Fifth Graders: First Place- Alanna Mays, Veggie Pocket; Second Place- Isabella Crum, Ceiling Sanitizer; Third Place- Aaron McGraw, Smear Clear; and Monica Pence, TAG Teacher; Back row, from left, Sixth Graders: First Place- Cody Hesler, Burr-Be-Gone; Second Place- Brandt Seaman, Wunder-Vu; and Third Place- David Raines, Fast Fill No Spill Feeders.


The inventing process gives children hands-on experience in applying and synthesizing knowledge from multiple sources and provides real-life experience! Students use the scientific process as they invent by observing, collecting data, organizing, generalizing, predicting, revising and applying laws and theories.
Students also utilize the skills of creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving and communication.
Inventing naturally integrates the curriculum which gives purpose and meaning to learning. Children combine science, language arts, social studies, technology skills, art, math and more, depending on the type of problem they are trying to solve.
The Adams County/Ohio Valley fourth, fifth and sixth grade TAG students recently culminated an extended study of inventions by creating their own inventions and presenting their ideas.
The students were judged by teams of judges and their projects were on display for the public. The students with the highest scores were awarded first, second and third place at each grade level and recognized for their achievement by the Invention Convention on Nov. 14.