‘Lighting the Serpent’ event is being discontinued


The Ohio History Connection is discontinuing the event Lighting the Serpent which was held in December at Serpent Mound by a third-party organization, the Friends of Serpent Mound.
The decision to discontinue Lighting the Serpent was based on careful evaluation of the event and how it relates to the history of Serpent Mound. The Ohio History Connection seeks to support programming and events that align with the sacred American Indian heritage of the site and provide authentic educational experiences for the public.
“Through our ongoing work to be more responsible and respectful stewards of all our American Indian heritage sites and through consultation and relationships with federally recognized tribes we understand more about what if means to care for and preserve American Indian heritage sites,” said Burt Logan, Executive Director and CEO of the Ohio History Connection. “Changing how we manage events at Serpent Mound allows us to fully embrace our role as respectful stewards of Serpent Mound and will provide a more consistent and authentic experience for visitors.”
“Although we recognize that many people have enjoyed the Lighting of the Serpent event over the years, we are responsible for preserving and interpreting Serpent Mound so that people understand the accurate and authentic history of this sacred American Indiana site, said Mr. Logan. “Lining the mound with luminaria is not connected with the history of this site.”
The Ohio History Connection and its on-site manager, the Arc of Appalachia, will focus on educational programming and events that support known cultural and natural history heritage of Serpent Mound. In addition, new interpretive signs are being installed at Serpent Mound to help educate visitors about the American Indian heritage of the site.