Highway 41 road work stalls

ODOT says project will be completed by year’s end – 

By Patricia Beech – 

Motorists currently using routes 136 and 52 to detour around road work on Highway 41 will have to wait several weeks before highway crews finish the project.
The construction of a road realignment project at the intersection of Routes 41, 763, and Slip Away Road stalled in early June after a major earth slip.
“Work stopped on the realignment, and instead was focused on repairing the slip,” according to ODOT spokesperson Kathleen Fuller, who said, “We had to investigate to determine what caused the slip and how to repair it before we could move forward.”
Fuller said contractors, now significantly behind schedule, are working six-days a week, 10-12 hours a day, weather permitting, in an effort to complete the project.
“They’ve got to make up the time from the two-month-long shut down,” says Fuller, “And we have to meet certain key markers before the project is completed and the road is reopened to the public,”
The road realignment is expected to be completed before the end of the year, despite a secondary slip which ODOT says has been repaired. The road was originally scheduled to re-open in October.
Road crews are now in the process of placing the gravel base, completing the grade work, and putting in catch basins.
“All the work that needs to go forward now to rebuild the road is taking place,” said Fuller. “Obviously, we’re up against the clock and the weather now, but we want to have it open to traffic before the end of the year, and it does look like we’ll be working through the month of November.”