Hourglass Quilt Square is back up again

The Hourglass Quilt Square is up again after the original was lost to a wind storm several years back. The Hourglass Quilt was one of the original 21 quilts in Adams County’s “Clothesline of Quilts”, dedicated over 16 years ago. The first barn, once located across from Woodland Altars, is no longer standing. The new location for the Hourglass Quilt is now at 32901 State Rte. 41, less than a quarter-mile south from its original location.
“We felt it was important to keep the Hourglass quilt as close to the original location as possible,” said Tom Cross, Director of Adams County Tourism. “Luckily we found a big red barn close by whose owners were more than happy to allow the travel bureau to hang a quilt there.”
The barn’s owners, Dean and Mary Brown, had the barn repainted prior to the new quilt being added.
The new Hourglass Quilt square was painted by Neil Miller, who matched the colors of the new quilt as close to the original as possible. The quilt square was attached to the barn by Allen Miller Construction from Wheat Ridge.
Last year the Adams County Travel and Visitors Bureau added the Brown Goose Quilt square to the side of the newly repainted Kirker Covered Bridge on St. Rt. 136.
The goal of the TVB is to have all the original quilt squares back up on barns to complete the driving tour of Adams County Quilt Barns. LPK Brands in Cincinnati has offered to update the original Quilt Barn Trail brochure with the new locations of the quilts at no charge to the Bureau.