Senator Portman visits GE Test Facility in Peebles

Senator Rob Portman, center, is pictured with representatives and executives of the GE Testing Plant during his visit to the plant last Thursday.

Focuses on jobs, trade, taxes – 

Story and photo by Patricia Beech – 

United States Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) on Friday, Aug.11 visited the GE Aviation Engine Test Facility in Peebles. Portman toured the facility to learn first-hand what GE Aviation has done to improve the site’s research and development, jet engine testing capabilities, and manufacturing operations.
Portman discussed trade and the importance of leveling the playing field for Ohio’s manufacturers and steel workers as well as his work to enact tax and regulatory reform to help create jobs and boost wages.
“Senator Portman always focuses on the policies that effect jobs, and he makes an effort to reach out and find what job-creating activities are going on in the state,” said Peter Prowitt, who heads up GE’s Washington DC office.
“There’s nothing like aerospace right now, and as matter of course, the senator touches base with various parts of our company, and coming to Adams County is just one part of his understanding of exactly what it takes to be a good advocate for the aerospace industry, the country, and especially GE.”
Portman said it was helpful to hear how public policies are impacting the plant and its workers.
“I’m trying to help GE on trade issues,” he said. “The company wants to export more, but they’re at a disadvantage right now versus other countries because there’s not a level playing field on trade, so I’m trying to knock down barriers to U.S. products, including competing with European and Asian companies who are starting to make jet engines and airplanes.”
Focusing on pro-growth policies like tax reform and regulatory reform, Portman said he hoped to boost the economy, create more jobs, and increase wages so companies like GE can invest even more in their home communities.
The 7,000-acre test facility employees 400 workers, making it one of Adams County’s largest employers.
“Ohio has a long and proud aviation history, and they’ve got some great people here – world-class technicians who are putting these engines together and testing everyone of them,” said Portman. “I’m on a plane a lot flying to Washington, and I’m glad to know that the best test facility in the world, right here in Peebles, Ohio is testing my plane’s engine.”