Felicity man killed in Ohio River boating accident


Story by Mark Carpenter – 
Photo courtesy of The Ledger Independent – Chief Photographer, Terry Prather – 

A freak boating accident last Saturday afternoon on the Ohio River near Aberdeen cost one Clermont County man his life.
According to reports, 52-year old Ronnie Parker of Felicity was on a speed boat that was part of a boating event originating out of New Richmond. When the speed boat neared the William Harsha Bridge east of Aberdeen a little after 1 p.m., it malfunctioned and went into a spin, throwing all of its occupants, none of whom were wearing life vests, into the river.
A nearby pontoon boat moved to help those thrown into the water but the out of control speed boat collided with it, causing the two boats to become entangled.
Parker’s body was found later that evening with the help of sonar equipment, while others who were injured were transported to local hospitals.
Authorities used cell phone video from an observer to reconstruct the events of the accident, which is still under investigation by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife.