‘Musical passion is in his blood’

Seven-year old drummer on his way to stardom – 

By Mark Carpenter – 

It seemed to be in the cards that seven-year old Lane Chamblin was destined to be a drum player. Lane, the son of local musician and tattoo artist Dusty Chamblin, has been around drum players for nearly his entire life, and the influence is showing up now as “Soul Child”, as he has been named, is now performing on stage with the local group Blackwater Soul.
“From a very young age, Lane has always gravitated around the drums with both of his uncles,” said Dusty. “Uncle Allen Grooms is the drummer for Rootbound and uncle Matthew Grooms is the drummer for Blackwater Soul. With me playing guitar and doing backip vocals for both groups, Lane has grown up around music and clearly the musical passion of our family is in his blood.”
When Lane’s parents noticed that by the age of three, Lane had an impeccable talent for keeping rhythm, they bought him his first drum kit for Christmas and the rest as they say “is history”. Getting lessons from Uncle Matthew and tips and tricks from Uncel Allen, “Soul Child” had no option other than being a successful young drummer.
“When we started Blackwater Soul in 2016, Lane quickly found out what blues and soul music was all about and has been addicted to it every since,” says Dusty. “He has floored everyone with his drum-playing talent.”
Lane will celebrate his eighth birthday on Nov. 4 and by that time will already have three stage performances under his belt, the most recent being last Saturday night at the Manchester River Days celebration. The next stop on the “Soul Child” tour will be at the Seaman Fall Festival on Sept. 22.