Showmanship Sweepstakes concludes Junior Fair Competitions

The annual Adams County Fair Showmanship Sweepstakes, featuring the Showman of Showmen from each of nine different animal shows held during the Fair, is the last Junior Fair competition each year, held on Friday evening following the Awards Roundup.
In this event, each showman is judged on his or her ability to show nine different animals, including horses, rabbits, poultry, meat goats, dairy goats, dairy cattle, sheep, beef, and swine. Unfortunately, Wes Hayslip, Poultry Showman of Showmen, was not able to compete this year, so the others did not show poultry.
The overall winner, pictured with his silver plate, was Seth Vogel, Adams County Junior Dairymen, and Showmen of Showman, Sheep. Also pictured, from left to right, are Dalton Black, Junior Fair Board president; Megan Black, Showman of Showmen, Meat Goats; Wade Shelton, Showman of Showmen, Rabbits; Michael Gill, Showman of Showmen, Dairy Goats; Brooklyn Young, Showman of Showmen, Swine; Lee Hesler, Showman of Showmen, Dairy Cattle; Wylie Shipley, Showman of Showmen, Beef Cattle; and Dakota Crothers, Showman of Showmen, Horses.