Peebles goes back-to-back at the Barnyard

First place in the Barnyard Olympics and a $1,000 prize went to the team from Peebles High School.

Win in popular fair events nets $1,000 for Indian athletics – 

Story and photos by Mark Carpenter – 

For the sixth consecutive fair week, the action in the center ring closed with the ever-popular Barnyard Olympics, pitting teams of 10 athletes from the four Adams County high schools against each other in a “barnyard” inspired series of competitions. Always a lot of fun for the crowd in an always capacity-filled grandstand, the four teams compete for money that will go to their respective athletic departments.
With the planning of Darlene Anderson and the voice of C103’s Don Bowles on the emcee microphone, the four teams first competed in a new event for 2017, the “Tobacco Rail Walk.” In this event, four team members walked on two spread tobacco rails, keeping their balance, picking up colored eggs along the way. When the quartets had completed their tasks and filled an egg carton, it was North Adams grabbing the 10-first place points, with Peebles second (8 points), West Union third (6 points), and Manchester fourth (4 points).

Second place in the Barnyard Olympics and a $500 prize went to the team from North Adams High School.

Next up was another new event, the “Wheelbarrow Relay”, where two team members act as driver and rider, with the rider blindfolded and wearing a feed bucket over his head. (No, they did not then have to sing the Marine’s Hymn). The driver maneuvered the wheelbarrow so that the rider could pick up colored balls from the top of a series of cones, and return them. Taking first place was Peebles, second went to Manchester, third to North Adams, and fourth to West Union.
An old favorite was back as the teams competed in the “Feed Scoop Toss”, attempting to be the first team to land three feed scoops in a bucket set at a distance. The first to sink three was Peebles, with North Adams Second, Manchester third, and West Union fourth.

Third place in the Barnyard Olympics and a $250 prize went to the team from Manchester High School.

Another new event came next, the “Tire Wheel Race”, where in a relay team members have to “drive” a tire wheel from start to finish, not using their hand, but guiding it with a pair of tobacco sticks, much harder than it sounds. North Adams pulled off the win in this event, followed by Peebles, Manchester, and West Union.
The final event of the competition was a twist on an old favorite, this time involving four adult coaches of the teams, Tony Williams from North Adams, J.R. Kirker from West Union, Lonnie Bilyeu from Manchester, and Josh Arey from Peebles. After dressing rapidly in bib overalls, gloves and hat, the four plopped down on hay bales, while holding an empty milk bottle on their heads. Yes, quite a sight. Team members then took turns taking cups of chocolate milk and pouring them in the bottle on the coach’s head, first to fill the bottle winning, which in this case was Manchester. West Union placed second, Peebles third, and North Adams fourth.
With all the events complete, the final scores were tallied and for the second year in succession, it was Peebles High School taking home the $1,000 first prize with 42 total points. Under the inspirational leadership of Williams, North Adams improved from a last-place finish in 2016 to a second place spot this year, earning a $500 prize with their 38-point total.

Fourth place in the Barnyard Olympics and a $125 prize went to the team from West Union High School.

Third place went to Manchester with 32 points, with fourth place going to West Union with 28 points, but as the old saying goes, “a good time was had by all.”
Team members for Peebles included: Tanner Arey, Bostin Robinson, Blake Hawes, Matti Nichols, McKinlee Ryan, Kennedi Newman, Rylee Hampton, Wade Shiveley, Conner Browning, and Weston Browning.
Team members for North Adams included: Emma Geeslin, Ryan Shupert, Austin McCormick, Madee Shipley, Grace McDowell, Michael Gill, Lakyn Hupp, Taylor Hesler, Collin Hesler, and Tray Brand.
Team members for Manchester included: Gabi Lainhart, Josie Campbell, Jacob Calvert, Ethan Pennywitt, McKenzie Smith, Darrington White, Katie Sandlin, Mason Bilyeu, Jonathan Sowards, and Austin Stamper.
Team members from West Union included: Conner Campbell, Clayton Madden, Brycen Staten, Tanner Neal, Ryan Rothwell, Kiersten Rowe, Sianna Mills, Alex Clark, McKenzie Bickett, and Mackenzie Kirker.