Massive storms rumble through Ohio Valley

The violent thunderstorms that raced through Northern Kentucky late Saturday night left a path of damage, especially in the Maysville area. Here, vehicles in a car lot were tossed around like Matchbox toys.


Majority of damage in Maysville area – 

By Mark Carpenter –
Photo by Aimee Carpenter – 

A week of sweltering summer heat ended with a bang last Saturday night and in the wee hours of Sunday morning as powerful thunderstorms brought lightning that lit up the skies like daytime and heavy rains reported to be as much as six inches in some areas near and around Maysville, Ky.
The reports and photos coming out of the Maysville area were incredulous as the heavy rains in a short period of time washed cars away from the parking lots of car dealers, with Cheap’s Chevrolet in Flemingsburg reporting damage to an estimated 200 vehicles.  The same happened to car lots in Maysville along with vehicles washed from the Mason County Road Department and tossed across the road. One home was washed from its foundation, with the family luckily escaping in time and a bus made a quarter-mile jaunt down a creek pushed by the rushing waters. Maysville Mayor David Cartmell remarked that “he had been mayor for 20 years and never seen anything like it.”
On the Ohio side, Route 52 was closed between Ripley and Aberdeen after the torrential rains caused a dangerous landslide and the rains flooded many yards and creeks in Adams County, though no significant damage had been reported in Adams County as of press time.