Cheers! It’s mocktail time!

These tents in the center ring held all the different concoctions that made up the “Mocktails” event on Tuesday of the Adams County Fair.

Refreshing summer cocktails, minus the alcohol return to the fair – 

By Patricia Beech – 
Photos by Mark Carpenter – 

Non-alcoholic cocktails, otherwise known as mocktails, returned Tuesday to the center ring for the Adams County Fair’s Health and Wellness Day.
These juice, soda, and sparkling water blends inspired by happy hour favorites offer interesting flavors, colors, and creative presentations. It’s all about the freshness and quality, but not the alcohol.
The Mocktail Event, sponsored by Adams County Safe Communities, offers a fun selection of the trendy drinks to fair-goers who then vote for their favorite.
This year, the “Toast of Adams County” award for the best mocktail went to Women Helping Women (WHW) for their “Polynesian Plow Parade”.
Created by WHW Director Davina Cooper and her staff, the drink consists of cranberry juice, orange juice, coconut water, and Cherry 7Up topped with a dollop of local honey, and garnished with a sprig of mint.

Another of the messages conveyed at Tuesday’s “Mocktails” event was that of “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.”

The “Best Over-All Mocktail Theme” went to the Adams County Regional Medical Center (ACRMC) for their World Plowing Match display and their Planter’s Punch made of orange-pineapple juice, fruit punch, and 7Up.
“This drink was widely served to farmers when they came in from their fields at the end of the day,” said Kendra Fithen. “It’s an old recipe from the 1950’s, and the original drink actually had rum in it, but we’ve replaced it with 7Up.”
Other competitors at the event included the Counseling Center in West Union, Venture Productions, and GE Aviation.
Kristen Herman, representing the Counseling Center, concocted a patriotic mocktail – the Star Spangled Farm- consisting of Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, and Powerade served with a Twizzler straw.
Liz Lafferty and the staff at Venture Productions offered up a White Russian Mocktail consisting of hot coffee and heavy cream.
The team from GE Aviation in Peebles created a blend of green apple Gatorade, green Hawaiian Punch, Lemonade, and a hint of Margarita mix to make their “Sweet Sowing” mocktail with a Jolly Rancher garnish.