Dr. Mueller leaving Health Department’s free clinic

Dr. Caroline Mueller, right, will be resigning her position with the Adams County Health Department’s Free Clinic. Here, she is pictured with Adams County Health Department Director William Hablitzel.

Commissioner’s Proclamation recognizes dedication, legacy – 

Story and photo by Patricia Beech – 

After twenty years of service, Dr. Caroline Mueller is resigning from her position with the Adams County Health Department’s Free Clinic.
Dr. Mueller is a Professor of Medicine and the Director of Medicine-Pediatrics Combine Residency Training Program for the University of Cincinnati.
The Board of Commissioners on Monday, June 5 recognized Mueller’s contribution to the county in a proclamation reading:
“On behalf of the people of Adams County, we want to thank you. You have touched many lives in Adams County and we are very grateful. Through the seeds of service you have planted in young physicians, your touch upon the lives of others may be endless. It is a fitting legacy for your generosity.”
Those who know her are well acquainted with Dr. Mueller’s generosity.
When floods ravaged local communities in 1997, she volunteered her time to help others. As a physician with the free clinic she has provided health care to patients who lacked insurance or couldn’t afford to see a doctor. She was also “instrumental in bringing pediatric medical care to the free clinic,” according to Adams County Health Department Director, Dr. William Hablitzel.
“She cared for people with great needs and modest means with respect, patience, and understanding, and did so without compensation or reimbursement for her expenses,” the Commissioners continued.
Mueller’s efforts also brought residents from the combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Training Program to work in Adams County.