Six-year-old girl finds long-lost class ring

Thanks to six-year old Celyne Taylor, right, the class ring lost by Chris Becker is now found and back on the correct hand.

West Union grad gets missing ring back after 36 years – 

Story and photo by Patricia Beech – 

Every child likes to find buried treasures, but when six-year-old Celyne Taylor found a gold class ring with a single green gem in the flower bed of her family’s home on Pumpkin Ridge Road, she told her mother she’d like to find the owner.
It was one of Celyne’s first days playing outside after undergoing several months of recovery from surgery to correct damage done to her hip by a bone-degenerating disease.
“She was very excited when she found it,” said her mother Amber. “We washed it off and posted a photo on Facebook.”
It wasn’t long until their post drew a response.
The ring belonged to Chris Becker, a 1981 graduate of West Union High School. Becker, who was a six-year member of the US Fencing Team that won gold in the 2000 World Fencing Championships, said she “had no idea how or where she’d lost the ring, “One day I just realized it was gone. I looked everywhere around the house and yard, but I never could find it.”
Within hours Becker and Taylor were put in contact through Messenger on Facebook.
“I got a message from Tina Shivener Liston asking me if I’d lost my class ring,” says Becker. “I couldn’t believe it.”
The Taylor’s offered to mail the ring to Becker, who now lives in Oregon, but Becker wanted to meet the little girl who found her long-lost ring.
When they met this past Monday, June 5 Taylor presented the class ring to Becker, and Becker presented the first-grader with a new ring of her own.
“I couldn’t believe it when I lost it,” says Becker, who bought the ring herself with money she earned from baby-sitting. “But, I always had a feeling that one day I would get it back, and now I have thanks to Celyne.”