Two overdose on heroin

Authorities suspect drug was laced with tar-fentanyl –

By Patricia Beech –

Authorities responding to an emergency call at McDonald’s in West Union last week discovered an unconscious woman in a vehicle outside the restaurant.
According to West Union Police Chief Tim Sanderson, the woman  had used heroin and did not have a heartbeat when he arrived at the scene.
“She was more or less dead when I got there, so I laid the driver’s seat back and started CPR until the life squad arrived,” Sanderson said, “Then we got her out of the vehicle, it was literally twenty minutes before she started breathing on her own.”
According to Sanderson, the woman had delivered heroin to her boyfriend, an employee at the restaurant who was “lethargic but  breathing”.
Authorities suspect that the drug was part of a shipment that  has resulted in several deaths in southern Ohio.
“I think the heroin they shot up was definitely cut with  tar-fentanyl, the elephant tranquilizer,” said Sanderson. “They both  went down extremely quickly after using it – they’re both lucky to be  alive.”
According to law enforcement, no names will be released as the case is still under investigation.