Thanks for all the great sports coverage

To the Editor,

To often throughout our busy lives we forget to give credit where credit is due. We take things for granted.
I’m writing to give a special thanks to Don and Venita Bowles, along with all the C-103 crew and to Mark Carpenter and the People’s Defender. Our community is lucky to have you.
There are too many things to mention in this letter that you have done, but I want to point out our youth. We all know life passes by to quickly, but the support and foundation you give the kids will last a lifetime.
Some may say that’s your job, but in today’s society there is plenty for the media to focus on. As a parent I couldn’t be more thankful for the class “A” act you show our kids and the dedication it takes.
I’m sure your families are happy to have you home, especially during tournament time. The countless hours, days and miles you cover doesn’t go unnoticed.
I truly believe in the statement, “It takes a community to raise a child.” I’m grateful our community has all of you for our children Thank you!

Grateful Mom,
Peggy Shumaker
Winchester, Ohio