WUHS Academic Team has undefeated season

By Jamie Puckett –

The West Union High School academic team had a fantastic and undefeated season in 2016.
For each academic team tournament, two teams participate in each match with only four members of each team participating at a time.  Each team has a question directed at them to answer first and, if that team gets the answer wrong, the other team has a chance to answer.
Then, a toss-up question is asked to both teams and whoever buzzes in first has the chance to answer.  The categories from which the questions come are:  American Literature, Mathematics, World History, Fine Arts, Life Science, World Literature, United States Government, Economics, Physical Science, Geography, and United States History.
The alphabet round follows the category round and finally, the last round begins..  For the final round, students are asked questions in the following categories:   Mythology, World Religion, Philosophy, Earth Science, Space Science, Social Science, Computer Science, and current Events.
Jack Crask, a junior, member of the WUHS Academic Team, says that the most challenging part about being on the academic team is that, the team “is so limited on time, it is sometimes impossible to think of the answer within the 10 second time window.” MacKenzie Smith, senior member,  says that she is “happy that the team went out on top” for her senior year.
The WUHS team earned victories over all of the other Adams County schools and schools outside of the county including:  Fayetteville, Fairfield, Eastern, and Whiteoak.
The team members include MacKenzie Smith, Tyler Fowler, Shannon Runyan, Tyler Swearingen, Shruti Nayak, Matthew Grooms, Jack Crask, and Andrew Sapp.
The advisors for the academic team are Mrs. Olivia VanDerKooi and Mrs. Emily Grooms.