Prather’s to hold 2016 Election Day Sale

Local candidates to attend throwback Thursday, Nov. 3 event –

By Patricia Beech –

On Thursday, Nov. 3,  Prather’s IGA in West Union will host a four-hour Election Day Sale, running from 4 – 8 p.m.
“We’ve invited candidates from both parties to come and meet with community members during the sale,” said store manager Connie Phelps. “They’ll be bagging groceries, politicking, and talking with the people.”
A cookout will also be held during the event. “We have Greg Grooms coming to do the cookout,” said Angie Nichols, the stores “go-to” employee. “We’ll have pork tenderloin for $3 and hot dogs for $1 for those who don’t like pork.”
For Prather’s long-time employees and customers, the sale is a throwback Thursday event.
“We used to have business people come in and bag groceries for our Celebrity Days,” said Nichols. “We want to bring that kind of thing back to the IGA, that’s why we’ve invited the candidates to join us and get face-to-face with the community.”
Look for the Prather’s IGA Special Sale ad in the Oct. 30 and Nov. 2 editions of the Peoples Defender.