Election results in, new mayor for Manchester, new school board member

A warm November day greeted voters as they turned out at the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 3 for the 2015 General Election.

Several state issues were on the ballot, including the controversial marijuana issue.

At the county level there were several races in the villages and townships. Many were unopposed, while others were hotly contested such as the Mayor’s race in Manchester and Fiscal Officer in Franklin Township.

A late evening lawsuit filed in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court resulted in an order to keep voting locations open until 9:00 p.m. in Hamilton County only. Because of that court order no county was permitted to release election results until 9:00 p.m.

At press time all but one precinct (Sprigg Township) had reported. The write-in votes were still being counted as of press time.

Two of the biggest races in the county were for the mayor’s seat in Manchester and two seats on the Adams County Ohio Valley Local School Board. There will be a new mayor in Manchester, Robert Hilderbrand, who was elected with 39.83% of the vote. There will also be a new member on the ACOVSD board as Sarah (Sally) McDaniel was the top vote getter with 41.26% of the vote. The other seat went to incumbent Charlie Bess who garnered 34.52% of the vote. Current board president, Kent Bauman, was not re-elected.

Look for further election coverage in the Nov. 8 issue of the People’s Defender.

Here are the vote totals at press time on Tuesday night.

West Union Mayor

Ted R. Grooms – 531

West Union Village Clerk

Tanya Johnson – 371

Robin L. Young – 273

West Union Village Council (2 to be elected)

John R. Lafferty – 384

Harry B. McCarty – 402

Winchester Mayor

William C. Foster – 218

Winchester Village Council

Rob Davis – 192

Barry Lung – 150

Winchester Board of Public Affairs (2 to be elected)

Gaylen Roades-160

James Kendall-173

Peebles Mayor

Victor Warfe-212

Peebles Village Council (2 to be elected)

Amanda Gaffin-149

Jerry O. Grooms-155

Richard W. Hoop-192

Norman L. Newman-183

Seaman Mayor

David Hughes-225

Seaman Village Council (2 to be elected)

Trina Sparks-176

David W. Hancock-160

Manchester Mayor

Bryan Church-72

Billie Jo Goodwin-143

Robert E. Hilderbrand-184

Troy A. Jolly-63

Manchester Village Council (2 to be elected)

Christine Henderson-293

Cody L. Wagner-220

Manchester Board of Public Affairs

James R Bowman III-342

Manchester Township

Fiscal Officer

Dorothy McFarland-395

Manchester Twp. Trustee (unexpired term)

Steve Henderson-188

Mark A. Morgan-281

Manchester Twp. Trustee (Full Term)

Wallace B. Boden-179

Philip Colvin-280

Meigs Twp. Fiscal Officer

Bill D. Setty-260

Carla Wesley-698

Meigs Twp. Trustee

Joshua M. Lloyd- 598

Bob Wallace-354

Monroe Township Fiscal Officer

Angela Wikoff-175

Monroe Twp. Trustee

Brenda G. Emery-148

Green Township Fiscal Officer

Joyce Rideout-102

Green Twp. Trustee

Matthew D. Gray-93

Jefferson Township Fiscal Officer

Ronald Boldman-142

Jefferson Twp. Trustee

Jack Lewis-152

Liberty Township Fiscal Officer

Erica Davis-70

Sande Applegate Staggs-286

Erica Swearingen-246

Liberty Twp. Trustee

Jason D. Baldwin-189

R.J. Davis-41

Ty Haitz-91

Larry Hanson-94

Justin Ross-198

Oliver Township Fiscal Officer

Debra A. Rigdon-211

Oliver Twp. Trustee

Brian B. Williams-184

Scott Township Fiscal Officer

Charles L. Newman-515

Scott Twp. Trustee

Eddie Geeslin-293

Homer F. Holsted-317

Sprigg Township Fiscal Officer (Absentee votes only)

David Dugan-100

Roger Rayburn-43

Sprigg Twp. Trustee (Absentee votes only)

Floyd Chuck Hayslip-113

Tiffin Township Fiscal Officer

Sharon K. Chenoweth-1081

Tiffin Twp. Trustee

Caleb M. Grooms-673

Robert H. McCarty-375

Kent M. Staten-269

Bratton Township Fiscal Officer

Angie L. McCoy-377

Bratton Twp. Trustee

Rick Jones-233

Write-in candidate Matt Jamison-171

Brush Creek Township Fiscal Officer

Charles L. Taylor-241

Brush Creek Trustee

L. Steve Hayslip-288

Franklin Township Fiscal Officer

Sandra Douglas-55

Lynne Newman-72

Toby P. Smalley-67

Joseph Welage-74

Becky Williams Sanders-92

Franklin Twp. Trustee

Tom Purdue-267

Wayne Township Fiscal Officer

Penny Tolle-317

Winchester Township Fiscal Officer

Rae Jean Maddox-492

Winchester Twp. Trustee

Rick Hardin-507

Manchester Local Board of Education (2 to be elected)

Ashley Grooms-476

Dave McFarland-550

State Issue 1



State Issue 2



State Issue 3



Bratton Twp. Road Improvements



Brush Creek Cemeteries



Franklin Twp. Cemeteries



Liberty Twp. Fire Protection



Scott Twp. Fire Protection



Sprigg Twp. Current Expenses (Absentee votes only)



Tiffin Twp. Fire Protection



Wayne Twp. Current Expenses



Adams County Replacement Services



Adams County Renewal Ambulance



Adams County Hospital Regional Medical Center



Peebles Village Additional Fire



Peebles Village Current Operating Expenses-1



Peebles Village Current Operating Expenses-2



Seaman Village Current Operating Expenses



Voters all over Adams County, including this West Union resident, went to the polls on Tuesday to cast their votes in the 2015 election.
https://www.peoplesdefender.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/web1_Voter11.jpgVoters all over Adams County, including this West Union resident, went to the polls on Tuesday to cast their votes in the 2015 election. Patricia Beech | People’s Defender

Here, voters cast their ballots at the Peebles Fire Station.
https://www.peoplesdefender.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/web1_Voter21.jpgHere, voters cast their ballots at the Peebles Fire Station. Patricia Beech | People’s Defender
New mayor in Manchester

By Patricia Beech


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