Storm ravages Manchester

This view down Washington Street in Manchester was typical on Wednesday morning in Manchester as a summer storm ravaged the town on Tuesday evening, leaving damage of all types strewn about the Manchester and Bentonville areas.

Tree meets vehicle in Bentonville as part of the damage from Tuesday night’s fast-moving storm.

This home on Briar Ridge Road in Bentonville had an unwelcome visitor, courtesy of Tuesday evening’s storms.

The pattern of summer storms continued in Adams County earlier this week as the Manchester-Bentonville are was ravaged by two days of storms, including a Tuesday night storm that left a trail of damage of all types.

The fast-moving but damaging storm of Tuesday, July 14, brought numerous reports of trees down across roadways and falling into structures, plus utility wires and poles down, causing much of the village to be without power. The intensity of the rainfall also led to flash flooding on roads in and out of town and Routes 42 and 136 became waterways and very unsafe for travel.

One of the more unique water rescues that had to be performed occurred when the Manchester Life Squad spotted a pony and a donkey trapped by high water behind an electric fence. The alert squad members busted through the fence and allowed the two animals to make their way to safety.

In Bentonville, a driver barely escaped severe injuries when the red Nissan she was driving was met by a falling black walnut tree that literally split her vehicle in half.

All of the Manchester emergency squads were kept hopping, jumping back and forth between different emergencies, including the normal medical calls that are part of their day-to-day operations and performing their duties in some very tight and dangerous situations.

According to Lonnie Bilyeu, assistant chief of the Manchester Fire Department, most of the village’s power is back on as of Thursday morning.