Nitty Gritty 4-H Club elects officers

The Nitty Gritty 4-H Club at their most recent meeting.

The Nitty Gritty 4-H Club recently elected their 2015 officers. They are: President: Kylee Applegate, Vice-President: Nathan Shreffler, Secretary: Wade Shelton, Treasurer: Kaitlyn Shreffler, Reporter: Madison Siders, Animal Project Officer: Ethan Shelton, Project Officer: Katlyn Porter, Flag Officer: Jonathan Fraley, Devotions: Veronica Day, Health Officer: Ava Kingsley, Safety Officer: Mia Kingsley, Energy Officer: Caleb Shelton, Recreation Officers: Kimmy and Jerusha Rowe, and Food/Nutrition Officer: Grace Fraley.

The advisors are Mrs. Christine Shelton, Mrs. Donna Siders, Mrs. Whitney Shupert, Mrs. Angela Shreffler, and Mrs. Pam Shreffler.

The Nitty Gritty 4-H Club has completed multiple community service projects such as placing flags out at the Cherry Fork Cemetery and picking them back up after Memorial Day as well as donating items to both Carolyn’s Kids and the Interfaith House. Our members are currently working on various 4-H projects for this year’s fair and pre-fair judging which is Monday, June 29.