Manchester hosts Football Camp

Pictured here are the third and fourth grade campers at the 2015 Manchester Youth Football Camp, along with the high school athletes who volunteered their time to assist in the camp.

Here are campers grades 5-8, along with the high school helpers, who participated in the 2015 Manchester Youth Football Camp.

Here are the winners of the Punt, Pass, & Kick Competition held at this year’s Manchester Football Camp. From left, Skylar Grooms, Dallas Wages, and Dylan Adams.

The action was hot and heavy during a game of “Speedball” on the final day of the 2015 Manchester Youth Football Camp.

Three very warm and humid days did not deter the enthusiasm for the gridiron as 48 youngsters spent three days in some sweltering heat as participants in the 2015 Manchester Youth Football Camp, led by Greyhounds head coach Dustin Cook and his coaching staff. The camp ran at Greyhound Stadium from June 10-12 and was for girls/boys in grades three through eight.

“I thought the camp went very well,” said Coach Cook. “It was great to see so many young kids showing interest in our program. A lot of credit goes to our Pee-Wee program and how well it is operated. The coaches and parents do an amazing job at the Pee-Wee level. The kids here at camp did an amazing job for us, having some fun and learning about football, which is what it is all about at that level.”

“I want to thank our varsity players as they did a great job of instructing the younger kids. This camp is something that I hope continues to build in the future as that will only make our whole program stronger.”

Cook was assisted at the camp by his varsity coaching staff, which includes himself, Nick Neria, Michael Fegley, Jeremy Peters, Greg Penny, and Larry Heller. Also on hand was a large contingent of high school Greyhounds, with the list including James Arias, Landon Conn, Nick Woolard, Jordan Freeman, Arturo Hernandez, Austin Redmon, Austin Gilkison, Chase Darnell, Cameron Breeze, Dallas Grooms, Vincent Schultz, Daniel Hernandez, Avery Reed, Marcus Neeley, Bryan Young, Ryan Henderson, Jerod Stricklett, Mason Bilyeu, Trent Dryden, Austin Collins, Jeff Young, Gavin Baldwin, Jacob Calvert, Wes Jones, Mason Applegate, Dylan Rigdon, Brennan Boyd, Dalton Thacker, Shawn Gould, Johnny Sowards, and Gabe Horsley.

The campers for the three days were Ian Abbott, Chase Armstrong, Braydon Bradford, Braden Cummings, Julian Drennan, Rylee Lehr, Skylar Grooms, Reid Lanham, Logan Neria, Drew Kennedy, Ryan Scott, Abbigail Elam, Connor Florence, Aaron Lucas, Quentin Lucas, Karson Reaves, Brayden Young, Dakota Grooms, Kyle Reaves, Trey Spears, Aaron Walters, Austin Berger, Mason Gilliam, Jai Tackett, and Daulton Culbertson.

Caleb Colvin, Jace Jackson, Rylan Bailey, Logan Bell, Kristopher Walters, Alex Walters, Dylan Adams, Dylan Wages, Dallas Wages, Matthias Gulley, Mason Lewis, Zander White, Casen White, Conner Darnell, Kris Saunders, Lucas Smith, Brendon Neeley, Kelton King, Gavin Lucas, Leland Horner, Dalton Davis, and Torrie Barlow.

For those getting that football itch, it won’t be long as the varsity Greyhounds open their season on August 28, hosting Franklin Furnace Green.