High School/Adult teams in WU Spring Soccer

Futbolers-High School League

Brookbank-High School League

Grass Kickers-Second Place High School League and Tournament

Peebles All Stars-First Place High School League and Tournament

Shooting Starz-High School League

Red Hot Cherry Pickers-High School League

Unobtanium-Third Place High School Tournament

Kool Katz- First Place Adult League and Tournament

Wasted Potential-Second Place Adult Tournament

West Union recently hosted a Spring Soccer 3 on 3 league and tournament competition, hosting hundreds of players from various schools in southern Ohio.

In recent issues, The People’s Defender has been running photos of many of the teams involved, all the way from kindergarten to adult age. In this issue, the photos are of some of the high school and adult teams that participated in the Spring Soccer competition.